Steps to Run Windows 10 on Mac Free of Cost

Since Windows 10 is one of the latest version that offers classic features of both Windows XP and Windows 7. According to many tech experts, the features and other in-built credibility that it offers are specifically designed for the Mac users as it brings the comprehensive support for a cluster of third-party apps that may not be well-matched with Mac OS X.

Microsoft windows 10 support number

So, now if you also want to start using Windows 10 on you Mac for free of cost, you can either give a call to Windows 10 support number or you can simply try the given steps with the help of virtual box.

Step 1: At First, you need to start to download and install the VirtualBox from the official app download page.

Step 2: In the next step, make sure that you have also downloaded the Windows 10 Preview ISO from Microsoft. Once it is done, you must also not forget to verify the system requirements so that one can easily install the Windows 10. It would definitely provide better overall system performance while ensuring the user with a smoother user experience.

Step 3: In the next step, you are supposed to ensure that the downloaded ISO file is exactly copied to the Desktop for convenience.

Step 4: You also need to launch Virtual-box, followed by selecting the option that says “new” in the application sidebar. Also, in the next window, you should enter the name for the new OS being installed. Once it is done, you must not forget to hit on the “Continue” button.

Step 5: As soon as the user clicks on the “continue” button, he/she will be prompted with the Hard Drive File Type. Also, you need to just leave it at the default option and in the next page; you are supposed to choose “Dynamically allocated” option, followed by again clicking on the “Continue” button.

Step 6:  Just after you have clicked on the user button, make sure that you have selected the radio button instantly so that you can create a Virtual hard drive now. In the end, you must ensure that you have clicked on the option that says “Create”.

Step 7: Also, you are supposed to return to the main menu, and then you have to click on the start button at the top of the Window. In next few seconds, the users will be prompted that they have to select the Windows ISO file that you have downloaded earlier in your computer. Also, you are required to click on the folder icon on desktop in order to find the ISO file so that you can hit the start button.

Step 8: Also, you need to ensure that you have allowed the Windows 10 setup to begin, and then you have to select your language when prompted, followed by clicking on the “Next” button. At this stage the Windows 10 installation will begin and it may take some time to complete. So, leave it alone.

Step 9: If you noticed that the process of installation has been successfully completed, you need to ensure that you have just rebooted the computer, especially if prompted so that one can now enjoy running Windows 10 on your Mac.

Since the process is quite complex, it’s obvious that you have to face a few issues while practically implementing them. Also, if you have any other queries regarding the same, it’s advisable for you to instantly take help from the customer care representative by giving a call on Microsoft windows 10 support number. Just in case, you don’t have their number, make sure that you have availed it from the official site for Contactforhelp. And, if you are unaware about the site, it is basically an online directory that is famous for offering reliable numbers for similar services. So, when users face difficulty in finding out the customer care numbers or if their call doesn’t get connected to the experts, they often visit the site for Contactforhelp.


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