How To Install and Run Windows 7 and XP on the Same Pc

Windows XP is a personal computer operating system released by Microsoft in 2001. Likewise, Windows 7 is also an operating system introduced by Microsoft in 2009 as an upgrade of the both Windows XP/Vista. In short, both of them require their own partitions to function properly on a computer, and you need to operate both of them differently as well. Windows 7 is an attentive of XP and can boot dual. Until now, since Windows XP was introduced before 7, it must be installed in the system earliest.
Windows XP Customer support NumberIf you want to run Windows 7/XP at the same system, the process is quite simple and easy and you just need to create two partitions and install XP firstly. You can also ring a bell on the Windows XP Customer support Number in order to know about the step-by-step installation process. At the same time, you can also follow up this brief guide to install and run Windows 7/ XP on the same computer system.

  1. At first, try to insert the XP installation disc into the disk drive, and then boot the system using the disc.
  2. Remove all the partitions existing in the hard drive.
  3. Make a new partition of the preferred size in megabytes. It depends on your determined usage of XP, or you may need a partition of 20,000MB or additional.
  4. In the new partition, install the Windows XP.
  5. Now, insert the Windows 7 installation disc into the drive, and then try to boot the system using the installation disc once the Windows XP installation process has been executed.
  6. After that, make a second partition on the desired hard drive size. The new partition size by default occupies the remaining space on the hard drive.
  7. In the new partition, try to install Windows 7. Once the installation is completed, the system will restart automatically.

When the computer system starts up again, you can choose the Windows version’s to boot up using the arrow keys of your Keyboard. You should make sure that the Windows XP must be installed on your system before installing Windows 7 and running successfully.

If you have any query during the installation or, you may get any problem while you try to run both Windows versions on the same computer, then you can contact Windows XP support service offered by Contactforhelp, for availing the best possible solution for your query in time.


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