Resolve HDMI Output Issues in Windows 10

How Can I Resolve HDMI Output Issues in Windows 10

HDMI is the most important connection method when the time comes to talk about display because it offers the greatest quality; thus it is no surprise that various users are using it. However, some Windows 10 users have experienced HDMI issues. In most cases, the primary cause of the HDMI Output Problems in Windows 10 is the driver incompatibility, yet there are some things that you should focus. On the occasion of HDMI Output issues, you can get the immediate solution by dialing the Windows 10 customer support number. There are some troubleshooting solutions you can also try to resolve the HDMI Output problems.

Fix 1 – Installing the prior version of the Driver

Access the ‘Device Manager’ and locate the driver that is troubling you. Right-click the particular Driver, then select the ‘Rollback Driver.’ It will install the earlier edition of the driver.  In most cases, it’s good to use the default driver to prevent the compatibility problems. To use the default one, you will require uninstalling the current one.

Fix 2 – Upgrading the drivers

Most of the time installing the latest drivers can be helpful to fix the problems. To do so, go to the graphic card manufacturer’s website and download the new release. If you have a laptop, you should download drivers from the laptop manufacturer’s site. However, if the new drivers don’t work for you, you can consider the previous solution to use the older version of the drivers.

Fix 3 – Installing drivers in compatibility mode

In particular cases, Windows 10 still has the compatibility problems with drivers. So, at times, it is better to install drivers in the compatibility mode. To do so, just follow these steps:-

  1. Right-click the driver installation file and select the Properties icon.
  2. Click the ‘Compatibility’ tab and select the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’ checkbox.
  3. Select Windows from the list and then click the ‘Apply’ button followed by the ‘OK.’ Run the installation file.

Fix 4 – Setting the secondary display

If you use HDMI to access the second screen, then try to fix it over the NVIDIA Control Panel. However, if you’re using AMD graphics, then use its control Panel as an alternative. You will find the same process for both cards.

  1. Go to the Nvidia Control Panel, and then set up multiple displays.
  2. If the HDMI related screen doesn’t appear, try to check and uncheck the others in the list.

Though it sounds like an unclear solution, some users still find it helpful to allow their HDMI display. Sometimes, you might face issues due to the hardware-related problems. So, try to use only those highly-rated products that can ensure HDMI output runs efficiently on the Windows 10 devices.

However, if these solutions were not helped you fix the HDMI output problem or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to consult with the experts to get instant solutions to several problems. You will get the immediate customer service for Windows 10– related issues.


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