10 Essential Changes You Must Know To Use Windows 10

Windows 10 is the advanced version of Microsoft operating system. It revives the traditional concept of the desktop interface with a “Start Menu” and the addition of the voice managed Cortana virtual assistant, notification mode and other exclusive features.Windows 10 support number recently shared an overview of the important changes made in Windows-10. Check the 10 exclusive Windows changes here and feel to dial the Microsoft Windows 10 support number for detailed info.

Windows 10 support number

1.Reincarnation of the Start Menu
Windows-10 displays the dynamic start menu when you click Start button or press the Windows key. The new start menu highlights, live titles, interactive apps, updated news, stock, weather report and much more. Moreover, you can resize the Start Menu by simply clicking and dragging the edges.

2.Windows 10 compatible for universal Windows apps
Metro apps which use to run on Windows 8 are now compatible to run on Windows-10. You can download and install the “Universal Apps” from the Windows store and run them in Windows 10 desktop.

3.Tablet Mode is now optional
On a typical PC/Laptop the Windows desktop appears as the default. But, thanks to Tablet Mode, it allows you to switch Windows 10 full screen. For the convenience of the hybrid tablet/laptop/PC users, now Windows-10 prompts the option to switch in/out of Tablet Mode.

4.Cortana digital access
The artificial intelligence in Microsoft Halo Games resulted in the discovery of voice activated Cortana assistant. It appears on the task-bar, just right to the start menu button. The exclusive Cortana feature makes the Windows-10 tasks easier, such as simple voice searches to email dictation, reminders, tracking flights and online orders.

5.Forget Charms, Get direct Notifications
Windows 8 included the feature of displaying charm options on swiping the certain corners of the screen with the mouse cursor. Moreover, the shutdown options appear in the Start Menu. Thanks to the Windows 10 update, now you will be redirected to the Action center whenever you swipe to the right side of the touch screen. The Action Center will display features as, notifications, shortcuts, Wi-Fi, and screen brightness.

6.Multiple Desktops in Task View
Launch Task View feature by clicking the Task View icon located on the right side of the Cortana search box. Or press Windows Key + Tab to enter the Task View for arranging the multiple desktops.

7.Internet Explorer Replaced by Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge is the new web browser on Windows-10. It is much faster as compared to the speedy Google Chrome browser. In addition, Microsoft Edge includes amazing features, Cortana, Web annotations, and notifications. In coming updates, the users will receive surprise of new browser extensions with hybrid capabilities. For better browsing, the Internet Explorer opens old websites.

8.Sign-in easily with Windows Hello
Windows Hello made Microsoft’s dream come true. Finally, no more password. The newly launched PCs with Intel Real Sense camera automatically sign-in by recognizing your face and fingerprint authentication. The users who do not have new hardware, they can simply log-in using a configuration PIN or picture password.

9.Integrated OneDrive and Microsoft Accounts
Sign-in to Windows 10 with your Microsoft account and you will automatically sign-in to various Microsoft services. It provides 15 GB free online storage with direct integration to OneDrive.

10.Auto-updates for Windows 10
Windows 10 Home PC comes with the auto Windows update, you can’t disable it. Now you will receive auto software updates as soon as Microsoft launches new updates. In coming years, the Windows users will witness a revolution with the launch of exclusive updates.

Lastly, if users face problem in understanding new updates, then contact Windows 10 customer service for technical assistance. Search the toll-free helpline numbers at ContactForHelp. It is an innovative web-directory featuring the direct customer care numbers for various technical brands. Take the help from the professionals, as they are inclined towards maximum client satisfaction.


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