Turbotax Error Code 1305

TurboTax Error Code 1305: How to Fix?

Did you recently installed TurboTax software in your system and faced issue during installation? Or, did you recently tried to install TurboTax software through CD-ROM and faced an error code 1305? Or, you are stuck in between the installation process and you have no idea how to resolve it.

Here the article talks about the error code 1305 possible causes and the solutions to resolve it. For any queries on TurboTax software, you need to contact TurboTax Customer Service number to talk with the TurboTax executive.

What is the error message that gets displayed along with TurboTax error code 1305?

The error message that displays along with TurboTax error code 1305 is ‘error reading from file’.

What are the causes for TurboTax error code 1305 to occur?

The TurboTax error 1305 prevents the successful installation of the software on the system as well as the reason for the installation roll-back. Talking about the causes for the occurrence of TurboTax error code 1305 are-

  • Maybe there is a configuration defect with TurboTax CD-ROM drive.
  • Maybe the TurboTax installation through CD-ROM is damaged, scratched or dirty.
  • Maybe defect in the Windows Installer reading compressed files from CD.

What are the solutions to solve TurboTax error code 1305?

You need to follow the correct steps to resolve TurboTax error code 1305 as shown below-

  1. Check whether the TurboTax CD-ROM is clean and operable or not.
  2. Try to install it on another CD-ROM drive, if it works there then you need to contact the system administrator or you need to contact the system or CD-ROM manufacturer and request for another CD-ROM drive driver updates.
  3. You need to check for the availability of the latest Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) and go for downloading and installing it.

Why contact TurboTax Customer Service?

If you aren’t satisfied with the above-listed solution or you fail to solve it, manually then you need to contact TurboTax Customer Service number to talk with experts and get an instant solution. They can ask for the remote access permission, to solve your problem on your behalf.


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