How to Resolve Different E-filling Issues in TurboTax?

TurboTax is comprehensive software intended to help users in filling their tax returns. It was developed in the mid-1980s by a firm named Chipsoft. The Mac version of TurboTax was initially called MacinTax and was designed by Soft View which was later acquired by Chipsoft. However, in 1993 another firm – Intuit acquired Chipsoft. In this article some common issues of TurboTax software are explained and to know further, users can contact TurboTax 24 hour customer service.  

TurboTax is a user-friendly, easy to navigate, and accurate application. You can also check some Tips and Tactics to Use the TurboTax App on the iPad. To keep the software up-to-date and flawless, its makers regularly add latest tax laws to it. Therefore, the smart application assists Americans in retaining their hard earned money. The tax return done using the software is passed through multiple error checks to ensure a correct filling. The software is equally easy in use for amateur users. For the consistent performance and user-satisfaction, the software has been ranked at the #1 position for over 25 years. Despite excellent service from the software, there are certain ‘e-filling problems’ that a user might face. By following certain steps in the software, these problems can be corrected.

Two Sorts of E-filling Issues in TurboTax:

  1. Issues encountered whilst trying to e-file your return, either during pre-check phase or transmission phase.
  2. Rejection of e-file from the IRS or state tax agency, after they receive your e-filed return.

Issues While Attempting to E-file Your Return:

While filling your return, there could be certain errors, namely incomplete filled-out forms and missing social security numbers.

TurboTax software runs a serious of rigorous error checks to find even subtle things that might cause the IRS or state tax agency to reject your filling. The software possibly didn’t alert earlier, as it does not know that you were planning to file your return.

To successfully transmit your return, you will need to make changes and correct your return. Apart from this, you may also have to ‘update your program.’

If your e-file keeps getting rejected, make sure that it doesn’t contain overrides, and the W-2 box 1 is not blank. It’s important to note that the amount of wage reported in W-2 box 16 shouldn’t be greater than that of box 1.

In case your box 16 is greater than box 1, you will need to file your state return by mail. Also, starters cannot e-file returns that have ‘no taxable income.’

TurboTax software will notify you about most of the reasons for which your tax return cannot be e-filled.

Issues after e-filling (rejection of the e-file from the IRS or state tax agency):

Your e-fill return may get rejected, as many times as you apply, because somebody else already claimed a dependent or because of incorrect information at the IRS. You can also receive an e-mail labeled ‘Action Needed’ from ‘Intuit’ that would tell you about the right solution.

Conclusion: TurboTax is tax-return filling software which is widely used in American countries. It’s an excellent product of a reputable firm named Intuit. Due to the sophisticated nature of work undertaken by the software on behalf of its users, sometimes there can be problems while e-filling returns. Our customer support staff delineates the issues and solutions for them. To get assistance for conveniently submitting your tax returns, you can contact Support for Turbotax.


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