5 Steps to Turn TurboTax PDF File into A TAX File

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most widely recognized file format that encourages the computers users to open and view their documents. Despite the fact that only the authorized person can edit the PDF document files, a PDF file can be opened by various software programs. TurboTax, the tax filing software, has its file format named the TAX. You can turn a PDF file into the TAX format within a short span of time, using the online converter tool. To do so, you have to first transform the PDF format to TXF format, and then to TAX format.

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Find Out How to Convert TurboTax Files from PDF to TAX Format:

Step 1 – First of all, you need to upload the PDF document to the online file converter tool, such as Zamzar. It can turn PDF into various file formats. Later on, click the ‘Browse’ button and go to the browser screen to locate the PDF file on your system. Click ‘OK’ to start the uploading procedure.

Step 2 – Select the ‘TXF’ from the drop-down menu as a new file format. Move down and choose the ‘TXF’ option. You can’t open the PDF files directly into TurboTax, so you first require converting it to the ‘TXF.’

Step 3 – Enter your email address into the appropriate field when asked. You will receive a newly converted file from Zamzar on your email account. Click the ‘Convert’ button. Now, you should wait until the conversion procedure is completed.

Step 4 – Sign into your email account that you have entered to the online converter site. Find and click the email reads as ‘Converted File from Zamzar.’ After that, you need to click the downloaded link involved in your email. The converted file will start downloading.

Step 5 – Open your TurboTax software, then choose the ‘File’ tab, and then click the ‘Open File’ button. Input the TXT file’s into the search bar to find it. Click the file once it displays. Click the ‘OK’ button. Select the ‘File’ tab and then click the ‘Save Project As’ option. Input the project name into the ‘File Name’ field and click ‘OK.’ TurboTax will save it as the TAX format file automatically.

However, if you’re facing any difficulties in converting the PDF file to TAX file or unable to use it in TurboTax or there is an issue when using this online converter tool, you must try to find out other solutions. At this time, you can call on the TurboTax toll-free phone numbers for getting immediate customer support for TurboTax and solutions for all problems.


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