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Turn on Your Asus Wireless Router’s Built-in Firewall With Ease!

Are you fed up because your Asus Wireless router is infected by viruses and malware attacks? Having problems in gets connected to the Asus customer service for problem resolution. Or you may have doubted that someone is also keeping an eye on your network regularly to get access to your personal information. In such a situation, firewall security is the best component and defence against cyber criminals and hackers. So, firstly you need to turn on that powerful built-in firewall has involved by your wireless network router. In this tutorial, the following guide will show you how to turn on the hardware-based firewall that is possibly lying hidden inside your existing wireless router.


What Is A Firewall And Why You Need To Turn It On?

A firewall is a security component that regulates your network boundaries, and can also be used to stop traffic from leaving or entering the ranges of your network. There are mainly two types of firewalls, both software and hardware based. Your router usually includes a hardware-based firewall, whereas your computer includes the software-based firewall.

In addition, this can be an excellent method for stopping online threat attacks. It can also prevent an infected PC in your network from attacking other devices by avoiding malicious traffic from leaving your network. However, if you get any issues to find Firewall or find other technical errors, getting in touch with the technicians by calling on the Asus router support number.

How to Turn on and Configure the Built-In Firewall on Your Asus Router

  1. When you have discovered the configuration page, search for the ‘SPI Firewall’, or ‘Firewall’ or something related entry. Now, locate the ‘enable’ button beside the entry. When you have enabled it, click on the ‘Save’ button, followed by the ‘Apply’ to save the change. When you click apply, a message will appear that state, it’s going to reboot to save the settings.
  2. Once you have enabled the firewall, now you need to configure the firewall and add its rules and access control lists to get your connectivity and security requirements.
  3. When you have finished setting up your firewall in the way you want, test your firewall to make sure that it’s doing as per your expectation.

However, if you are having the Asus rt-ac88u wireless router and you are unable to locate the firewall settings, even after too much try, it is suggested to consult with the certified technicians by dialing the Asus rt-ac88u Canada support number and get the instant resolution of your router concerns.

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