How to Speed Up Wi-Fi Network with Tenda Router

How to Speed Up Wi-Fi Network with Tenda Router

No matter what router’s brand you’re using, it is common to face slow or unstable Internet connection.  Various objects can cause the Wi-Fi interference like incompatible wireless security mode, physical items between your device and the router, overloading, etc. If you’re using the Tenda router and facing problems in accessing the Internet, you can follow below-described troubleshooting solutions to fix the network interference before calling on the Tenda router customer support number.

Step 1- Place your Tenda Router in a Correct Location:

The position of your wireless router can surpass the coverage area and reduce the signal strength. If you’re using a modem, it’s not necessary to place the router close to the modem. Usually, a router should be set in the central position of your home or the office. Also, make sure that any household appliance is causing the wireless interference.

Step 2 – Disconnect Some Devices:

If your Tenda router is having connected multiple computers and devices, it can cause slower Internet connection. So, try to disconnect some devices that are not necessary to speed up the network connectivity.

Step 3 – Change the Wireless Channel:

Wireless interference from other networks can cause problems with the Wi-Fi signal. If multiple wireless networks are conflicting for the same channel, you get the slow and unstable wireless network. To fix the issues, you have to change the router channel.

Step 4 – Power Cycle your Computer and the Tenda Router:

Sometimes, device overloading can cause the slow and unable Wi-Fi connection. At such time, you should power cycle your computer, modem and the Tenda router to fix the issues.

Step 5 – Turn off the Antivirus Software:

If you’re still getting the slow Internet speed with your wireless connection, you should disable your antivirus program. After ensuring the antivirus is blocking you from accessing the Internet, you can either reinstall or upgrade it to fix the issues.

Step 6 – Upgrade the Firmware:

Sometimes, the out-of-date version of the firmware can cause the signal interference when you try to access the Internet with the Tenda router. If you want to improve the Wireless coverage area, you should upgrade the firmware to the latest release.

However, if you have attempted all the solutions as mentioned above, but still fail, you can seek for other troubleshooting workarounds to fix the Internet connection problems with your Tenda router. You can change the encryption and wireless security mode that may cause slow speed. Disabling the wireless adapter’s power saving feature is also helpful to solve various problems associated with the router issues. For a quick and hassle-free fix, call on the Tenda Router Support Number and consult the experts for your router queries.


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