How to set password protection on the Buffalo Air Station?

Is it secure to use the Buffalo Air Station router without using the encrypted protection? Absolutely no, because the default password of the router is always simple that can be accessed easily to public. Therefore, you need to change it by using your own one and make it encrypted so that no one can change the settings of your router and use your network.  You can enable Wi-Fi password protection on the router by changing its wireless authentication setting in the Security tab placed in the router configuration Web page.

Furthermore, you simply need to follow up the some essential steps given below. In case of any uncertainty regarding the following steps, you can also contact at the Buffalo router tech support number in order to get assistance from the expertise immediately.

Buffalo Air

  1.    Access the Buffalo Air Station router configuration interface

Launch the web browser. Enter the IP address URL in the address bar and then press enter key to access the configuration interface page.

  2.    Navigate to the configuration interface

Once prompted, type the admin username and password into their specified field, and hit the ‘OK’ button to sign in. The default admin login details for the Air Station router are ‘root’ for the username and password field remain blank.

  3.    Access to the ‘Security Settings’ page

Search for the wireless configuration link in the webpage and click on it. Now, you need to click on the ‘Security’ link appears in the smaller set of options.
4.    Set the encryption protocol

Access the drop-down menu and click on it next to the Wireless Authentication. Choose the ‘WPA/WPA2 mixed mode’ if you don’t have the requirement of another encryption protocol. WPA and WPA2 are the well-accepted wireless encryption standards and provide enhanced security than the older WEP protocol.

  5.    Enter a protected password
Enter the password in the ‘WPA-PSK’ field. The password length must be between 8 to 63 characters long and can only include letters and numbers.

  6.    Save the changes

Once you have made the changes, just click on the ‘Apply’ button. The router has been restarted instantly. You also need to reconnect all the wireless devices have accessing the same Wi-Fi network.

Now, you will get your Buffalo Air Station router password protected. However, if you have any query or technical hitches related to the router, just dial the Buffalo support number USA and talk to the skilled technician in order to obtain your queries to be diagnosed and fixed promptly. You can also gain quick customer support number for the Buffalo router by reaching at the Contactforhelp.


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