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How to Configure the Linksys Router Settings?

Everyone using a Linksys router would agree to the fact that the product manufactured by Linksys is one of the most successful and reliable routers of today’s time. It has brought a difference in the printing world and continues to bring various features in its functioning. But often users using the Linksys router face issues with its operation, they fail to configure the router settings and end up in a situation where the login access is also compromised. Hence to troubleshoot Linksys Router Login Access the user first has to configure the Linksys router settings. The router settings include the following steps:

Configuring Linksys Router

The router and the adapter should be installed in the system, with the most updated drivers. Now, it’s time to set the router. Visit the system that has the router connected to it, and start up the internet browser. Now open up the router configuration panel. It should be noted that the internet connection should be secure or else the configuration would stop. Therefore, troubleshoot the Linksys router internet connection dropping issues to continue with the configuration of Router settings.

Steps involved in Configuring Linksys Router:

Before contacting the Linksys router customer service, the user should follow the following steps to configure the device. The steps involved are:


Go to the “Setup” option under “Basic Setup.” Set it to “automatic configuration – DHCP.” Tap the radio button near to “enable DHCP server,” and verify the “Maximum number of DHCP users” is established to a number that signifies the number of systems that is getting the internet number.


Now go to the “Wireless” Tab and visit “Basic Wireless Settings.” The Wireless network mode should be fixed to “Mixed.” “Wireless Network Name” should be something that the user can remember – maybe the first name and latest initiative is a very critical part that the user has to reference later! Lastly, install the “Wireless SSID Broadcast” to enable.


Now go to the “Wireless” option and visit “Wireless Security.” This section is completely up to the user. Next, create a password; this is the 2nd most significant thing that the user has to reference later on. Tap the option which states “Generate.” The password will produce 4 “Keys,” the user only needs to verify at “Key 1” later.


Now go to the “Wireless” option and “Wireless MAC Filter.” Set the “Wireless Mac Filter” to “Allow.” Below “Permit only,” choose “permit only PCs listed to access the wireless network.” Now, visit the 2nd system, with the adapter card in it. Tap “start” and “Run” in MS Windows.


Go after the system with the router connected to it, which has the router configuration guard open. Verify that the user still switched on the screen under the “Wireless” tab under “Wireless MAC Filter” tab, and tap “Edit Mac Filter List.” Enter in the MAC address and physical address that the user has written down from the other PC.


Now go to the “Access restrictions” option and go to the “Internet Access” Next go to the “Status,” option and tap “Enable.” Tap “allow” close to “system.” Verify that the options stating “Everyday” and “24 hours” are also checked. Tap the “Save settings,” option then verify the second system or whatever the user has chosen for the Policy Name

If the user has any doubts regarding the above topic and wishes to get the detailed version of the solution, then they can contact the Linksys Router support number. The professional would guide the user on the ways they can troubleshoot the device.


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