Troubleshoot Linksys Wireless Router Problems

5 Tips to Troubleshoot Linksys Wireless Router Problems

It’s usual to face the Internet issues at times when using the Linksys wireless routers, but some of the easy to be resolved merely by power cycling the router. For this, you have to turn off your router, remove the electrical cord and wait for some time before you connect it back into. If the issue still exists after performing the restart of your router, you may then consult the Linksys router customer support experts. Otherwise, follow the below-given solutions.

Fix 1 – Dropping or Irregular connection

Various factors can cause the intermittent and drop-down wireless connection with your Linksys router. You can resolve the Linksys wireless stoppage issues by minimizing wireless interference, modifying the transmission unit size, changing the wireless settings, and also upgrading the router’s firmware.

Fix 2 – Disable IPv6 feature

Sometimes, the IPv6 function of the computer can cause the slow Internet connection and downloads. You can fix this issue by turning off the IPv6. To do so, check the Windows operating system’s user manual for the step-by-step directions to turn off the IPv6 feature on your computer.

Fix 3 – Set Router’s Quality of Service

Linksys Smart wireless routers are well-known for offering the fastest uploading and downloading speeds. So, if you’re facing the slow upload speed, you may require setting the Quality of Service on your router. It will control the priority of the network traffic, making sure that you get the fastest Internet connection.

Fix 4 – Adjust the wireless router settings

To access the Wi-Fi network connection, you should know the wireless settings that refer to the password and wireless network name (SSID). To access the settings of your Linksys router, you have to go to the Linksys setup webpage. In case you forget the wireless settings, it’s suggested to consult the Linksys customer support experts to get them recovered instantly.

Fix 5 – Can’t Sign into the Linksys Setup Page

You can access the Linksys router’s setup page by navigating the (IP address) to the web browser on your wired or wireless computer and then entering the login details. If you have not adjusted the wireless settings, you may require leaving the username field blank and entering the ‘admin’ into the password field. You may face the login issues if you have changed the password, IP address, firmware settings, etc.

If you’re still facing one of the issues and unable to resolve your Linksys wireless router’s problems using one of the troubleshooting workarounds, then you can call on the Linksys support number and seek the immediate support and solutions.


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