How To Improve Netgear’s Wireless Range?

Radio signals are received by access points, wireless routers and adapters via antennas. Usually, the routers and access points have visible external antennae. But, some are installed internally inside the house. The radio waves are like light rays and some materials stop the signal. Several problems affect the radio signal clarity and effectiveness. If you are aware of how to configure Netgear router but worried with weak Wi-Fi signals, just talk to the expert’s you will get an effective solution instantly.

configure netgear router

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to optimize your wireless range:

•    Positioning: Avoid installing the access point in a corner, always focus on placing it in a central location. Usually, the public Wi-Fi locations have “Access Point” mounted on the wall or ceiling.

•    Minimize obstacles: Ideally, there should be no obstacle between AP and the wireless device. The factors such as walls, and wall thickness affect the signal strength.

•    Avoid Interference: Electronic devices using radio waves interfere the speed of wireless range. If you have two wireless routers in the same room, then possibly you will face Wi-Fi error. Moreover, Microwave ovens interfere the wireless connectivity.

•    Check signal strength: Increasing power applies in general to a country, area, but not the city or urban area. The signal strength depends basically on three different factors, i.e distance, power and strength. The power affects how far an antenna radiates and strength increases the range. For home users, the strength of the quarter or half is ideal.

•    Antenna type: Antennae does not radiate in every direction. The reflector focuses on a light beam and block the antenna signal. To choose the antennae with high efficiency, choose the antennae that shines brightly. The USB dongle antenna is either omnidirectional or directional. The omnidirectional antennas radiate horizontally but remains weaker in upward and downward direction.

Improve the wireless range of your Netgear router. Talk to the qualified professionals at Netgear customer service number. The officials at the customer care center specialize in offering instant solutions for router problems. Search the trusted Netgear helpline number at ContactForHelp, a prominent web-directory dedicated to listing the independent tech support numbers operating in USA, Canada, and the UK.


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