How to reset and Configure D-link network

How to Reset and Configure D-link Network

It is understandable that you need a right and fast connection in today’s time, but then again you are always tight on budget. We know the pain! Therefore if you have been looking to buy some inexpensive cable modem to save the cost, then D-link network is made for you. The modem provides with speed sufficient data and supports all the downloading functions. It is reliable, small and compact. It is definitely a good network product and is always high on demand.

Main D-link Router Problems

One of the most primary devices is the internet router that you can locate in every house. It might be possible that you were not careful enough and one of your neighbors got your internet password and is having a gala time of their life. He being the parasite and you being the undesired host, or in typical situations, you wish to reset your modem or want some steps to fix D-link wireless Network Problems.

This is the guide to your problems. Therefore whenever you are in such dilemma follow these steps:

How to Reset your Router?

  • In a router, we usually set IP address than setting up options. Therefore once we have reset the device now, it is necessary to configure it. To reset the router, boot it fully. To start the process, follow these instructions
  • Use a paper clip and hold the reset button for around 25 seconds. You would find the button at the back of the D-link router.
  • When you reset the button then the modem boots itself automatically. Then router would take about 15-20 seconds to boot up.
  • After it is done, it then comes to its factory setting, i.e., the factory set SSID mostly “D-link” and a password.
  • Reboot it again to make sure that it is ready for installation

Steps to Reconfigure:

  • Open the browser you wish to open. Either Firefox or chrome and enter the address field
  • Enter the username as the admin or your password as admin, these are the values of the router, and since we have reset the router it is evident that the values would also change. If you have any other password or username, then you can add those credentials.
  •  Now follow the instructions which you see on screen and press continue.
  • Tap the “set wizard “ option and then click the “launch internet connection setup wizard.”
  • Create the password and set the time zone.
  • Set up the type of internet connection and tap “clone your PC MAC Address.”
  •  Save your settings and then click ok. Turn off your system and router and then try again

It might be possible that you face issues regarding how to fix D-link wireless Network problem hence you can contact the D-link phone number or log-in to the website “contactforhelp” You can find all the numbers and directories there.


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