A Complete Guide to Set Up Your D-Link Cloud Router Quickly

Have you recently purchased a D-Link router and now you’re ready to set it up in order to get the fast Wi-Fi speed and running? Although the process of router setup quite easy, but just in case you need some additional help, you can call at the D-link router customer care number in order to talk to the expert regarding your query resolution. For setting your D-Link cloud router up properly, the following guide describes the entire procedure and even helpful tips.

Before you start to set it up, you should make sure that you are having all the necessary devices, including the router, Power adapter, Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi Configuration card, quick installation guide, etc.

Setup D-Link Cloud Router

You can also consider a few things before going to the next.

  • If you are a PPPoE connection user, it is necessary to have the PPPoE username and password. If you don’t have any information, just contact the Internet service provider. Don’t continue until you have this information.
  • If you are using a wired connection, check that you disconnect the power to the modem. Sometimes, you can need to disconnect it, at least for 5 minutes.
  • If your ISP offered you with a combination of modem and router, it is necessary to set it to the ‘bridge’ mode so that your D-Link router can run appropriately.

D-Link Cloud Router Setup Instructions

  1. At first, plug the power adapter of your router into the power outlet.
  2. Attach the Ethernet cable to the Internet port of both the router and the modem, connecting the two.
  3. Wait for a moment to start it up with a light indication.
  4. Turn your computer on or access your mobile device.
  5. Locate the network preferences and connect to the wireless name (SSID) available on the offered Wireless Configuration Card, and then provide the password also available on the card.

The D-Link Cloud router will now restart to save your new settings and the setup is done. If you still require an additional assistance, it is highly advisable to dial the D-Link router technical support number offered by the Contactforhelp in order to obtain quick and efficient support from the certified and skilled professionals those have complete information about the router. They will help you to set your D-Link router up in a proper manner.

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