A Complete Guide to Configure the Airport Extreme Wireless Router

If you want to set up a fast, secure and smooth wireless network for your home or office, take a look for the Apple AirPort Extreme router. The setup process is quite easy; you simply need to follow up the simple set of procedures. But there are some configuration steps you need to follow up initially to access a wireless network and run smoothly. The following guide helps you to a set up Apple wireless router using all the required steps for configuring a wireless network.

set up Apple wireless router

  1. At first, Plug your ‘AirPort Extreme Base Station’ to the power outlet and turn it on.
  2. Visit to the Applications via desktop, and then hit on the ‘Utilities’ folder to open up the ‘AirPort Utility’.
  3. In the AirPort Utility, a dialog box will appear on the top left side. Hit on the Other AirPort Base Stations.
  4. Now, click on the ‘Airport Extreme’ which is available.
  5. In the ‘Base Station Name’ and ‘Wireless Name’, try to lead in the venue name and then click on the space bar and then enter TB.
  6. Type a password which is easy to remember, and then enter it again for the confirmation. Click on the ‘Next’ button.
  7. If you are not using the AirPort Extreme Router with a Modem, hit on the ‘Next’ button.
  8. Now, undergo its setup process. Once it is completed, a notification will appear as a pop up.
  9. Choose the ‘Done’ option once the notification displays in the bottom right hand corner.
  10. Later, hit on the image of the AirPort Extreme Base Station located in the AirPort Utility.
  11. Now, you can see a side window to the screen right side, overlapping the AirPort Extreme’s image slightly.
  12. Near about half mode down, it will start ‘Status’. Choose the ignore option. Once it is completed, the status light on the AirPort Extreme Base Station front side will display green.
  13. When you see a solid green light, hit on the ‘Edit’ button.
  14. Now, choose the ‘Wireless’ option placed on the topside, followed by ‘Network Options’ at the bottom side.
  15. Later, hit at the box located at the topside to enable a 5 GHz Frequency band. Hit the ‘Save’ button.
  16. Subsequently, highlight the ‘Update’ option.
  17. Once you see the solid green light on the router. The setup process is completed, now you can access the smooth Internet connection.

However, if you stuck or fail even after following the steps outlined above, it is recommended to call on the Apple router tech support number in order to acquire immediate resolution of your queries whatever you have related to the Apple router. In case, the phone number you have dialed is taking too much waiting time, just go to the directory Contactforhelp available over the web, gaining the alternate Apple router customer care number.


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