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5 Steps to Configure your Linksys Wireless Router on Laptop

Linksys is well-known for manufacturing a broad range of home and small office network equipment. As an industry leader, it makes the procedure of connecting to one of the many wireless routers a relatively smooth and hassle-free exercise. If you have connected your Linksys router to the laptop, you can access the Internet from a several hundred feet distances, relying on the router signal strength and obstacles in your adjacent environment. To setup your Linksys wireless router for your laptop, you can either contact the Linksys customer service number or follow the below steps.

Step 1 – Check Inspect your laptop to make sure that it has built in wireless capability. With Windows Vista or 7, click the Windows ‘Start’ menu, then the ‘Computer’ icon, ‘Properties’ tab and then the ‘Device Manager,’ followed by the ‘Network Adapters’ tab. Search for the ‘Wireless’ option. If you’re using Windows XP, click the ‘Start’ menu, ‘Computer’ icon, ‘Properties’ tab, ‘Hardware’ section, ‘Device Manager’ tab, ‘Network Adapters’ option, and then search for the Wireless icon.

If your laptop doesn’t have the inbuilt wireless capability, buy a new network adapter card, and also check the machine’s manufacturer for suggestions so that you can get the right adapter.

Step 2 – find the DSL or cable modem of your ISP and then remove the power cord. Take out your Linksys router from packaging. Add, run and check the installation steps on the associated CD or DVD. Continue with the steps and check the resulting Wi-Fi Internet connection. If you don’t have any CD or DVD for your router, skip to the next step.

Step 3 – Connect your cable or DSL modem to the Linksys wireless router using a CAT-% cord inserted into the ‘WLAN’ or ‘Internet’ slot. Connect the electrical cord to the modem and your router. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes for your modem and then router to make the connection and get attached to the Internet.

Step 4 – Connect to any of the numbered ports on your Linksys router and the network input on the laptop using another CAT-5 cord. Start your laptop and launch the browser program. Input the ‘http: //’ to the address bar of your browser. Type the ‘admin’ for both the username and the password.

Step 5 – Visit the ‘Installation’ web page to set up your router, create or modify the network name, or the SSID, and create a password and adjust the security like WPA, WEP or WPA2. Disconnect the CAT-5 cord from the laptop, sign in and check the new Wi-Fi network connection.

However, if you’re unable to set up your laptop to connect to the Internet with the Linksys wireless router using the above-given steps, instantly dial the Linksys router customer support number to consult with the experts to configure your router correctly.


• Try to put your Linksys wireless router on the floor and as near to the center of the location as possible. Ignore setting it nearby or on metallic structures. Ensure your network adapter firmware is present.

• Never try to connect too early. Wait until your wireless router lights are stable before you try to connect wirelessly. Also, ignore resetting your Linksys router whenever required.


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