Cisco router problems

4 Steps to Fix your Cisco Router Problems

In the fast-growing technology world, it’s necessary to have the high-speed Internet connection for both personal and professional uses. Like other networking devices, Cisco routers are well-known for providing an uninterrupted and smooth Internet connection. However, despite being an important part of the network connection and having incredible functionality, these routers are not free from the problems often experienced by users from time to time. In such worst situations, the Cisco customer service number is the best approach to get all your router-related problems resolved within the shortest time.

Learn How to Troubleshoot Cisco Router Glitches

There are various methods available to troubleshoot your Cisco router and help you access the Internet with the least interruptions. If the ISP (Internet Service Provider) supplied the router as a part of the service, then make sure they don’t have any interruption to the services. Otherwise, you can follow the below-given ways to fix your Cisco router issues.

Step 1 – First of all, contact your ISP to make sure that the problem isn’t a known connection issue other customers are also currently facing it if you have the Interrupted connection. Some of the ISPs send automated messages along with the current network outages being encountered by the users. It’s helpful to avoid the further hassle to troubleshoot your Cisco router.

Step 2 – Power off the connected computers and then disconnect the router and modem as well. Wait for at least two minutes before you connect the router and modem again. Restarting the computer, the router, and the modem is helpful to solve all problems. If the Internet connection is still down, you can continue with the troubleshooting process.

Step 3 – Press the button in the middle of the Cisco console to reset the device to default options. After resetting the router, the wireless router may require advanced setup. So, consult the ISP or check your router’s user’s manual for the guidance.

Step 4 – Now, wait for your Cisco router to complete the resetting process. If the Internet is still down, it’s possible that the router is malfunctioning. Consult the ISP for replacement if the router is a part of the service package. If not, then replace the router if you no longer want to use the device.

In case you still wish to use your Cisco router, and none of the above-listed troubleshooting methods help you get rid of the slow Internet connection issue, seek for further assistance. At this time, you can call on the Cisco router support phone number to consult the professionals and get the step-by-step instructions to fix your router-related problems within the shortest time, without any hassles.


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