2 Different Methods to Reset the Netgear Wireless Router

2 Different Methods to Reset the Netgear Wireless Router

No matter which brand of router you are using, it is quite obvious to face technical issues with the same. And, quite similar is the case with the Netgear Router as well. At times, it fails to perform perfectly, and probably this is the reason why one needs to reset the Netgear Wireless Router. To be honest, if you reset the router, there are chances that it will reduce most of the problems associated with the device. You can take different methods for resetting the router. But, if you don’t know the process of resetting them, make sure that you have followed the instruction that is given below in this blog. Here, we have tried to cover most of the methods for resetting the Netgear Router. You can take a quick look at them.

How to Soft Reset a Netgear Router?

If you face any issue with the Netgear Router, you need to remember that you have reset the device. But, before you have opted for the hard reset, it is important for you to soft reset the device first. This is so because if you hard reset the device in the first attempt, there are chances that the hardware of the device will get affected. Only after you have for the soft reset and the problem is not resolved, you can try hard reset. To do the soft the reset, you need to follow the mentioned-below tips:

  • Open the web browser
  • Enter the default IP Address
  • Go to Maintenance section
  • Click on the Backup settings
  • Now, you are supposed to erase all the backup settings
  • Now, reboot the Netgear Router
  • Once again, login to your Netgear Router
  • Go to Maintenance section
  • Choose Diagnostics
  • Click Reboot

How to hard reset the Netgear Router?

  • Connect your Netgear Router to a power outlet and turn on the device
  • With the help of a paper clip, you need to press the reset key, which is available at the bottom of the device for at least 45 seconds.
  • Now, you need to restart the device, followed by re-installing the Netgear Router
  • Once you are done with the process, there are chances that your issue will be resolved immediately.

If you want to know any other tips, tricks or instruction for troubleshooting the Netgear Router, it is necessary for you to take the quick help of the experts. And, for that, you need to dial the Netgear Helpline Number. As soon as you call at this number, the professionals are connected to you. Also, they will guide you with quick and easy resolution. Now, if you don’t have the Netgear support number, make sure that you have availed it right now from an online directory – Contactforhelp. It is basically a trusted online directory that promises us with 100% authentic, verified and reliable the USA and Canada-based customer services.


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