A Complete Guide to Setup Loans in Quicken

Quicken is one of the best accounting software program used to monitor and manage different financial tasks. This is the best financial tool to set up and track loans whether you have a car, private or business loan. It lets you to create unique accounts that obtain all your personal information into consideration, providing you the best way to keep track percentages, payments, potential problems, amounts due, etc.
guide to setup loans in quicken
For setting up loans in Quicken successfully, you need to follow up the sets of instructions described below. However, if you are a native user, then you might experience some troubles, in such a case; you should dial the Quicken support number to get expert assistance.

Steps to Set up Loans in Quicken

  1. Choose ‘Loans’ from the ‘Household’ or ‘General’ menu, and then hit ‘OK’ via a windows series displaying common information regarding the loan setup and data.
  2. Generate a new loan account by typing information on the loan’s account, along with the lender and borrower and the percentage compensated for the loan.
  3. If you specify something to the opposite, the Quicken will assume the loan initiates in the current month.
  4. In case, if you want to make payments before and record the total amount, you should follow a few of additional steps to let for background information.
  5. Type any additional information, including amortized length, balloon payments, penalty fees or accumulated percentages when prompted, normally after you have saved all the essential information.
  6. If such items is not suitable for you, just select ‘No’ and go on to the next screen.
  7. Analyze your existing balance. In case, if you don’t want to type information for past payments and you don’t want to consider the new loan, simply start your account with existing balances.
  8. Wait a moment for the ‘Loan Summary’ pop up window, analysis all the displayed information here. Click on the ‘OK’ button continuously to analysis everything until achieving at the final steps.
  9. Press the ‘Done’ button to ensure all the information has been recorded and saved in the program.

However, if you have any query or problem about the loan setup; feel free to address your query with an expert by contacting at the Quicken customer support number. Additionally, you can reach the online directory such as Contactforhelp to find another phone number to get direct support of the specialist.

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