Complete Guide To Get Started With Quicken 2016 For Windows

Quicken 2016 link the bills and automatically tracks the due date in terms of the due amount. It helps to manage bills and cash flow to log into multiple accounts. The new Quicken version is easy to upgrade and import data from Quicken Windows 2010 or another edition.Here’s a brief overview of Quicken 2016 shared by the experts at Quicken customer support. This short guide will help you to get started with Quicken 2016 for Windows. So, start enjoying the ultimate financial software on Windows.

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Set-up your Intuit ID: Enjoy the benefits of Quicken connected services after completing the registration process of Intuit ID set-up. It includes managing bank transactions, investment data and paying bills directly from Quicken. To use the Quicken mobile app, you need to sign-in via Intuit ID. If you use other linked Intuit products as, Quickbooks or Turbotax, then you can directly use Quicken.

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Utilize Home Tab: Track your finances and bills with the Home Tab dashboard. Press “Get Started” to enter the set-up wizard.

First Account Set-up: Link your bank with your account details and start paying bills smartly.

Quicken framework tour: Quicken helps you manage day to day tasks. Check the common controls that are helpful for every user:

  • Click the right-round arrow to download new transactions
  • Click gear like icon on the left to open the Account List
  • Click Tabs to access features and tools for managing common financial activities
  • Manage tasks, preferences and account reports by clicking “Account Actions”
  • Click “Reminder” for viewing reminders that affect your account balances
  • Click “Account Name” to open its register
  • Click “Transaction” in the” Register field” to make changes
  • Set up more accounts with “Add An Account” option

Use the spending tab to view the transactions done from the spending account. It displays a pie chart with analysis of all transactions. Click the transaction to change its desired category. You can select the category as per your interest such as, Pets, Shopping and Tax.

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Set up bills and income:
Quicken allows the user to track, manage transactions, set bills and income. You can schedule monthly bills as per the expected income, so the Quicken reminds you about the due bills at the right time. It avoids late fees, overdraft charges and extra money that you have in your savings account.

Lastly, for the convenience of the users, the Quicken customer service phone number offers support services on all working days. Whenever you feel confused using Quicken tools and options, simply dial the Quicken 2016 helpline number. If you need toll-free service number in USA, Canada or UK, then visit ContactForHelp web-directory. The qualified customer care representatives are ready to guide you.

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