Steps to Create an Invoice in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a well-recognized software program, which is used by the professionals to manage the accounts and finances of business firms, be it a small, medium or a large-scale organization. Moreover, it lets the user manage the invoices and billing hitches hassle-freely. But, a lot of users complain that they don’t know the process of creating the invoice in QuickBooks. Well, for that, one can take a quick assistance from the experts at QuickBooks Customer Care Phone Number. But before that, you need to read this blog because here we have mentioned what invoice is and how you can create them easily. So, have a quick glance.

What is QuickBooks Invoice?

An Invoice is a sheet which contains all the information about the product or services that you are offering to the customers along with the prices and costs for the same. It is important because it helps the customers to get a brief idea about the product or service which they are going to avail. Moreover, you will be able to keep a track of customer’s account with the help of those invoices. So, of course, creating the invoices is considered to be a vital part of the QuickBooks. And, if you don’t have any idea about it, follow the instructions given below:

How to Create an Invoice in QuickBooks?

Step 1 – At first, from the home page, go to the +Create Menu section. After you have clicked on it, you will notice the option for “Invoice” under the “Customer” option. You need to choose the “Invoice” icon.
QuickBooks Invoice

Step 2 – Now, a new window will get opened, and on that page, you are supposed to enter the name of the customer for which you want to create the invoice. In case, the customer is new, you can save the name. Later, you should go to the customer’s page to add extra information.
Enter Customer Name

Step 3 – You will also find an option for product and services, make sure that you have entered it, followed by clicking on the “Add” button, if the product or service is new, and then add other information about the same.
Add Button

Step 4
– Go to the “Product Service Information” windows, followed by selecting the option for “Income Account.” At the same time, you need to remember that it is not a bank account, instead, it is a bookkeeping account.
Product Information

Step 5
– In the next step, all you need to do is to enter the price, cost or charge, followed by saving it.
Price Rate

Step 6
– In case, you have any terms or conditions, you can also mention it there.
Step 6

Step 7
– If you want to send the invoice to the customer via an email, you need to enter the email address in the top column.
Step 7

Step 8
– You can also take a print preview by clicking on the “Print Preview” option, available on the topmost taskbar.

Step 9
– You can save and send the invoice to you as you are done with it.
Save and Send

Step 10
– In case, you have saved the invoice and want to send it later on, then you have to go to the “Navigation Bar,” which you will find on the homepage. Once you go to the home page, you need to click on the “Transaction” option, followed by choosing the “Sales” button, and then you will find the “Navigation Bar.”

Step 11
– You have the option to filter the invoices in order to check which ones have you saved it for later.

Step 12
– Here, you need to make sure that you have gone to the “Batch Action” section, and then selected “Print Transactions” followed by emailing by selecting “Send Transaction”.
Print transaction

How to contact QuickBooks Customer Service?

For more queries and resolutions, you can contact the experts of QuickBooks customer service. Just contact the professionals by dialing their phone number. And, if you don’t have this number, get in from an online directory – Contactforhelp.


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