Know How to Backup QuickBooks

Since QuickBooks is directly related to managing the finance and keeping the record of the company’s accounts, it is a must for the user to keep a backup of all the data, especially if you want to remove QuickBooks. But the problem is that engaging a data recovery service is quite expensive and time-consuming as well. Moreover, there is no guarantee that they will be able to recover your data. So, what can be the best solution for this problem? In such circumstances, you can either give a call to QuickBooks Contact number to seek help or else you can just keep reading this article to know the steps of keeping the backup of QuickBooks by yourself.

•  You need to open QuickBooks account in your first step, and then you are required to select the option of “File” from the menu. After you have selected the “File” option, make sure that you click on “Save Copy or Backup” option from the drop down menu.

quick books• In the next step, users are supposed to click the radial button beside “Backup Copy” in order to precede the process further. As soon as it is done, it’s advisable click the “Next” button.

• Also, while you move on to the next step, the user need to primarily select the option for “Local Backup“, followed by the selection of “Options.”

• Choose the “Browse” button. Make sure that you have selected the location to save your backup from the pane in the “Browse for Folder” window. After the selection is completed, don’t forget to click on “OK.”

• On the other hand, one must also click “OK” in the “Backup Options” window, followed by choosing “Next” option.

• Select “Save it Now” from the “Save Copy or Backup” window. Type a file name for the backup in the area next to “File Name.” Click “Save.”.

As soon as you click on “Save” button, the process of backup automatically gets completed. But in case, where you could not complete the process and by any reason you are stuck in the middle of it, make sure you immediately consult experts by calling at QuickBooks Phone number.


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