How to Convert a Quicken File to QuickBooks

Depending on your needs and requirements, both Quicken and QuickBooks aim at helping you to manage your finances and plan for unexpected financial situations. However, if you compare them on individual categories, you might come across a few differences as well. For example: If we take the context of balance sheet then unlike Quicken, QuickBooks provides a few extra accounts, depending on the industry you select when creating your business.

On the other hand, Quicken does provide functionality to add items to invoices, but it doesn’t provide the per-item tracking that QuickBooks offers. So, users of Quicken sooner or later want to shift to QuickBooks so that they can avail extra benefits. If you are also one of them who face similar issues, and want to convert a Quicken file to QuickBooks, you either need to take help from QuickBooks customer service or just follow the below mentioned steps.

quickbook-5-13In QuickBooks

• At first, you need to launch QuickBooks, and then click the “File” menu, followed by clicking on the “Utilities.” Also, you need to highlight “Convert,” and then select “From Quicken” to launch the conversion dialog.

• Make sure that you have browsed to the location on your computer where your Quicken QDF file is stored. Also, you need to double-click on it, and then follow the onscreen prompts on the conversion dialog in order to convert your Quicken file.

Quicken Converter

With this process, you need to download the Quicken Converter from Intuit’s website. Launch the downloaded Quicken Converter file, click on “Next,” and then select “I Accept the terms in the license agreement,” followed by clicking on the “Next” again. Now you need to follow the steps like “Next | Install | Launch Quicken Converter | Finish.”

Click the “I am transferring data from Quicken for Windows” radio button, and then click “Get Started. Also you need to click on the “Open a data file located on this computer” radio button, followed by clicking on the “Select File” button.

You also need to browse to the location on your computer where the Quicken file is stored, and then double-click on it. Make sure you click on “Convert it,” followed by “OK,” and then click on “Save” to save your converted file.

If these steps are tough for you to bring in practice, you can consult experts on QuickBooks contact number. You may avail their original number from an online directory – Contactforhelp.


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