QuickBooks Freezing Problems

How to Fix the QuickBooks Freezing Problems

There is nothing more problematic than having a PC freeze up on you when you’re doing some urgent tasks. It can be a more annoying situation when you’re performing a lengthy calculation related to the finance by using the QuickBooks accounting software, and the complete process slows to a crawl. This is the cause of complete data loss and losing your valuable information related to accounts. At that point of time, you should first contact the QuickBooks customer service number to obtain immediate solutions. Otherwise, you can check these instructions to fix the QuickBooks freezing issues.

Close Too Many Open Windows

While closing out the QuickBooks program, you require saving each open window which is the default settings. When you relaunch any program, every window that was earlier open will be launched at the same time that can delay the QuickBooks significantly. So, try to close each running window separately before you close out of the program. To permanently fix this problem, click the ‘Email’ tab in the top menu box and move down to the ‘Preferences’ section. Click the ‘Desktop View’ section, followed by the ‘My Preferences’ tab. In the ‘Desktop’ heading section, click the ‘Don’t Save the Desktop’ link, followed by the ‘OK’ button.

Clean the Company File

Click the ‘File’ tab. Move down to the ‘Utilities’ section, and side window appears, find and click on the ‘Clean up Company File’ option. Select the closing date that suits you. All the financial transactions earlier to the deadline will be compressed and archived during the cleanup session, freeing up area within the QuickBooks memory.

Install new updates

When you first launch your new QuickBooks program and install it on your PC, you are installing the new version of the software. As major bugs are worked out, and spots are produced to fix the issues that stop or slow down the opening of the QuickBooks company file entirely, new releases are provided. To get the new version, you need to click the ‘Help’ option in the top menu bar and move down to the ‘Update QuickBooks’ section. Continue with the instructions, and the new release will be installed on your QuickBooks software.

Other Considerations

If these steps fail to resolve the QuickBooks freezing issues, then it’s possible that some viruses are causing your QuickBooks program to crash or freeze up. In such situations, you should try to scan your PC for finding and removing the possible viruses. For the quick and hassle-free solutions, you can also call on the QuickBooks support number and consult with IT engineers to find any vulnerability connected to QuickBooks and get your accounting program back in service instantly.


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