Install and Use QuickBooks on Different Computers

7 Steps to Install and Use QuickBooks on Different Computers

If you have multiple PCs on which you require using the QuickBooks simultaneously, it’s easy to install QuickBooks on all computers for numerous uses. You can install QuickBooks single-user license on a computer and a laptop when you’re only using both devices. If you want to install QuickBooks software on multiple computers for different users, it’s required to purchase added licenses. In the event of any query, you can consult the professionals at QuickBooks customer support number.

Learn How to Install QuickBooks for Multiple Users

You can use more than five user licenses for QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro versions, both of them include the single license. You have to use the QuickBooks Enterprise that contains ten user licenses and enables more than 15 user licenses if you require up to five user licenses. So, if you want to install it on multiple PCs, you can select one of them as per your requirement.
Here’s how to do:

Step 1 – Insert the QuickBooks installation disk into your computer. It opens the QB installer automatically. If it does not open, you have to right-click the Windows Start menu and choose the ‘Explorer’ option, followed by the QuickBooks Installation CD in the ‘Folders’ list. Click the ‘Setup.exe’ file to run the Installer.

In case you downloaded the QuickBooks program from its official site, double-click the file to start the installation process. Click ‘Next’ in the bottom right side of the program wizard to access the License Agreement.

Step 2 – On the QuickBooks Installer’s License Agreement page, select the ‘I accept the terms of the license agreement’ checkbox and then click the ‘Next’ button to navigate to the ‘Choose Installation Type’ section.

Step 3 – Now, choose the ‘Express’ option to get suggestions from the QB on Installation selections. Choose the ‘Custom and Network Options’ option to share QuickBooks on the network. You can skip this step if the selection is already made.

Step 4 – Later on, click the ‘Next’ button to navigate to the License and Product Numbers section. Input the ‘License and Product Numbers.’ You will find these numbers on the CD’s yellow sticker if you’re installing via a disk. If you downloaded from the Intuit’s website, you would get these numbers on your email received from Intuit.

Step 5 – Click the ‘Next’ button to navigate to the ‘Custom and Network Options’ section if you already made the selection in the prior action. Go through the available information and select the correct radio button.

Step 6 – Open the ‘Update/Change Installation Location’ section by clicking the ‘Next’ button. Select the radio button next to the ‘Change the install location,’ and click the ‘Browse’ button to go to another place if you want. Click the ‘Next’ to navigate to the ‘Ready to Install’ section.

Step 7 – Now, on the ‘Ready to Install’ page, check the settings for correctness. Click the ‘Install’ button to start installing QuickBooks. On the ‘Congratulations!’ section, click the checkbox next to the ‘Help me get started’ and ‘Open QuickBooks.’ Click the ‘Finish’ to close the wizard.

Now, you have to follow these steps for every system on which you want to use QuickBooks. You can’t install it on a shared PC and use the QuickBooks on multiple computers. To learn the step-by-step guidance for installing QuickBooks software on each computer, you can dial the QuickBooks customer service number to call experts and ask the help and suggestions.


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