reinstall quickbooks hard drive crash

5 Easy Steps to Reinstall QuickBooks after Hard Drive Crash

Major trouble for the computer user is the seemingly unexpected system failure or other hard drive crash. It is unpredictable, so preventing this from happening needs planning and prevention. If possible, you should backup the QuickBooks company file at the end of the day. Thus, if a hard disk failure encounters, you can recover some transactions that have been placed. After such occasions, you can install the QuickBooks either using the software CD or download it from the website. In the event of any difficulties with QuickBooks, you can call on the QuickBooks payroll support phone number and get solutions. To install QuickBooks, check this process:

Step 1 – Get the product number and license number you will require installing the QuickBooks software. If you have the CD, you can see the number on the yellow label on the CD cover. If you don’t have the original CD envelope, then contact the Intuit customer service to obtain a new number allocated for the copy of QuickBooks. If you have downloaded the software, check the confirmation email got after completing the download process. If the QuickBooks is 3+ years old, you need to update to the version of the current year.

Step 2 – Start to install the QuickBooks program file in your new system or on the new hard disk. Insert the CD into the floppy drive and continue with the directions. If you have downloaded it, visit the QuickBooks website and log into with the customer number and the password. Click the ‘My Downloads’ tab, followed by the ‘Downloading versions of QuickBooks from the Internet.’ Here, you will find the version you downloaded and purchased earlier. Find the ‘.exe.’ extension. Click the ‘Download’ option and wait for the wizard to start downloading.

Step 3 – Click the ‘Install’ button. After downloading the program, the setup wizard will appear. Select the ‘Easy’ option or automatic installation method, not the ‘Custom,’ as the custom edition is tough to complete. Never fill out the interview, because it will make another company file. Now, the QuickBooks program has been reinstalled on your PC completely, and you will require restoring the original file. If you don’t do this, it causes the loss of all previous transactions from months or years, and you need to input them again. The QuickBooks software without a company file means that you need to enter a lot of work already accomplished. Restoring the company file and QuickBooks installation processes are two different parts of the same way.

Step 4 – Recover the latest company file if you have. When the QuickBooks program is up and working, click the ‘File’ option, and then go to the ‘Restore Backup’ button and search for the backup to the external drive or the flash drive. Select that file to recover and click the ‘OK’ button. Continue with the steps. You will be prompted where you want to save the file. If it is the only company file you’re having on the system, the QuickBooks program will discover the file and open it for you.

Step 5 – Check the latest transactions. Track a report on the deal to make sure if any require being re-entered. Click the ‘Reports’ option and move down to the ‘Customers’ section. Select the ‘Transaction List by Customer’ option. When the report fills with the data, find the new transactions to ensure if the dates previous to the crash are present. Repeat the ‘Vendors’ report process. If any of the transactions are lost or misplaced, you need to enter them again from the invoices and receipt paper.

However, if everything else fails and you’re not able to install QuickBooks after the hard drive failure, instantly contact the QuickBooks online help number to get immediate customer support to resolve the QuickBooks re-installation issues.


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