Troubleshooting Tips for a Dell All-In-One 926 Printer

Sometimes, when you install a new ink cartridge into your Dell all-in-one 926 printer, there are chances to get an error messages states that the print doesn’t identify the new cartridges. This error message generally occurs due to the refilled or third-party cartridge that isn’t recommended by the Dell 926 printer. You may also get the error when you consumed the similar ink cartridges for a while.
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However, this error message can be caused by various sources, it doesn’t matter whether the cartridges are new or not. If you want to fix this error, here are some troubleshooting techniques help you to get your printer back into its original state without calling on the Dell support number.

  1. Open your printer’s front cover and turn the power on. Subsequently, wait for until the cartridge carriage to come to a halt.
  2. Extract the ink cartridge out by pushing on the tabs placed on the every cartridge top side.
  3. Verify the cartridges to ensure you have extracted the entire blue defensive plastic film.
  4. Try to find the ‘Dell’ logo marked into the lids of the cartridges to make sure they are original ink cartridges.
  5. Wipe the glossy metal ink cartridges portions with a moisture microfiber cloth. Wait until all cartridges dry completely.
  6. Clean out any staple, papers or other debris you see in the tray, and then reinsert the ink cartridges into their respected slots.
  7. Place the black ink cartridge into the left window and the color cartridge in the right window. Push them to place properly.
  8. Close the front cover and turn the printer off. Disconnect the USB cable and the power cord and USB cable around 5 seconds, and then reconnect it back.

Now, you can print your documents easily and quickly without any hassle. If you have other common printer problems with your Dell printer such as paper jams, driver installation and configuration problem, poor print quality, etc. In such a situation, you can call on the Dell customer care number in order to get the best possible query solution via experts. If you are seeking for other contact number because the earlier dialed number is not giving any response since long time, just avail the Contactforhelp directory available online.


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  1. This is absolutely insightful information for troubleshooting Dell All-In-One 926 Printer. If you follow above instructions, definitely you will not receive any error messages after installing new cartridge.

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