Troubleshooting Guide to Fix the HP Officejet Pro Printheads

An issue with the HP Officejet Pro Printheads may be the reason of low or poor quality printouts. So, in order to get better quality prints, you should firstly take away and then reinsert the Printheads to confirm the proper installation. Also, you can use the print-quality diagnostic utility that helps you to know the precise reason for the printing problems. Press the ‘Setup’ button; choose the ‘Report’ option, and then click the ‘Print Quality’ on the printer, to access the diagnostic utility. By dialing the phone number for HP support is also the option you can choose to take care of your printer efficiently.

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The crooked and disconnected lines on the printouts often notify that the print heads are out of alignment. In such situations, you can run the automatic printer alignment utility to fix the problem instantly. To run the utility, click the ‘Setup’ button on the control panel of printer, roll to the ‘Tools’ menu, and then choose the ‘Align Printer’ option. Now reply to the on-screen prompt to run the utility, and then apply the same process when the diagnostic page prints.

Clean the Printer
If the Print Quality report comprises missing color or faded test patterns, or documents having white lines, it generally happens when your printer has dirty Printheads. For cleaning printheads there are two methods: the first one is that you can clean them automatically, you just need to choose the ‘Clean Printhead’ option in the ‘Tools’ menu to get them cleaned. If the problem still persists and the quality of printouts remains poor, do the same again to clean it.

To wipe the printheads manually, you need to use the soft cloth and clean every piece inside it carefully to avoid the damage. As well, clean the contacts placed in the cartridge assembly before reinstalling the ink cartridge.

If you are getting dark lines or white gaps on the test pattern, it may notify a problem related to the calibration. To recalibrate it, click on the ‘Setup’ menu, followed by the ‘Tools’, and then choose the ‘Calibrate Linefeed’ option in the printer’s control panel. Check the resulting pattern, and then do the same process again if the problem still persists.

If you fail to fix the problem even after running the print-quality tools, replace the cartridge to bring back printing functionality. Try to use the genuine HP ink cartridge instead of their basic counterparts. Once you have replaced the generic cartridge, it may be sufficient to enhance the Officejet Pro’s print quality. Never try to use the non-HP cartridge to avoid damage.

If you are still getting poor print quality even after you replaced the cartridges and run the utilities, the problem may be related to the HP printer hardware. Contact HP printer technical support phone number to get additional online support and the possible information to resolve the problem.


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