Best and Worst Features of Lexmark CS310N Color Printer

The Best and Worst Features of Lexmark CS310N Color Printer

The Lexmark CS310N is a color printer which is considered as one of the best printers available in the market. If you look at the public review, then you can figure out that it is highly recommended printer in offices for micro use as well as in the home for the general purpose. There are several features what makes it unique as compared to all other printers. The quality of output it produces even with the small fonts is really good. The match of colors in Lexmark CS310N is unique for a consistent image. It provides an output of 1200 x 1200 dpi, which is the best one available in the market at this price. Since it is new to the market, the company has decided to open the telephone lines of Lexmark technical support 24/7 so that one can easily reach them, in case of any query.

This makes it print pages in the crisp, sharp and graphic image. This product is so compact fit that it falls in a very small dimension of 18.3″W x 18.1″ D x 12.6″H and weighs just 18.3 pounds. The size of it doesn’t make Lexmark CS310N even a bit less powerful; it can print up to 25 pages in a minute. The cartridge, which comes with it prints more than 750 pages in one use. This printer is compatible with all versions, Operating System of Windows and as well as Linux, Novell, Unix, Apple and Citrix operating system.The best part is Lexmark CS310N can be used remotely with the use of Ethernet and can print pages at lightning fast speed with the use of a phone. It has an 800 MHz dual-core processor and 256MB of memory for tackling printing jobs easily and on a quick basis. The printer can hold more over 100 pages at a time this makes it more of a home use printer.

Like other products, it also has some cons which take away its uniqueness creditability. If you are paying $300 for a home printer, then you must expect it to be a set of the printer, scanner and all in one. If we talk about color prints, then it takes more than 12 seconds to print a page which kills time in office and lets you employee degrade their workforce. Even if you buy this product, it will not provide you a USB cable, and you can only use it with the use of an Ethernet.

It works with USB 2.0 for printing through computers, which also makes it slow as USB 4.0 is available on the market which is faster. This printer also needs to be handled manually, if you want to print both sides of a page. Lexmark CS310N will not print on your card if you’re going to print one. These are the reason which makes it more of a home printer. Thus, I will recommend it to be used as a home printer instead for regular use in the home or office.

Now, if you want to buy this device or if you have purchased it and want to know the process of getting started with the same, you need to keep in mind that you have availed an instant support from the team of professionals. Just dial their phone number and they will perfectly do the Lexmark printer troubleshooting.


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