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How to Unclog the Nozzles of the Epson Printer?

If you have been using the Epson printer for quite some time now, you might be aware of the fact that Epson Printers comes packed with an in-built print-head. And, its nozzles get blocked after the frequent usage. Though manually cleaning up the nozzle resolves the problem in general cases, you need to follow a few detailed steps to fix it up if the problem is chronic. The problem majorly occurs when the users avoid the message for missing ink cartridges. Yes, if you are also facing the same kind of issues, don’t worry as you can take the instant help of the Epson support.

Meanwhile, you can also follow the steps that are given below:

  • If you have an automatic cleaning process of the device for more than 3 times and the problem remains the same, make sure that have stopped the cleaning process as it will not cure the problems. In fact, it will extract more ink during the process of cleaning, which will ultimately hamper the overall productivity of the printer.


  • We would also recommend you to keep your printer turned off, especially when you are not using it. It will help the device to perform the automatic mini-cleaning process just after the device is turned on.


  • If you think using the printer once in a while will help you in getting over the nozzle clogging problem, then you are absolutely wrong. You need to use the printer at least once in a week to keep the printhead or the nozzle in the working condition. A report states that the printer, which is used on a frequent basis are more efficient than the ones which are not used frequently.


  • You must also avoid using poor quality of cartridges as it will affect the performance of the printer. Though you will find the price of the original cartridges way too high as compared to the fake ones, it is totally worth it. You must avoid using unoriginal cartridges for the sake of enhancing the performance of the printers.


  • Now, you must try to clean up the printers manually. Yes, you need to lift up the cover of the printer, followed by removing the ink cartridges. Meanwhile, try to clean up the rollers and printheads properly. And then, try to use the device once again. Just after the process is completed successfully, you would realize that the problems are resolved.

And, if by any given chance, the printers aren’t working even after cleaning it up, you need to take the immediate help of the professionals. Just pick up your phone and dial Epson support number. You can easily get this number from Contactforhelp.


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