Epson Inkjet Printer Refusing Printer Cartridges – How to Fix It?

As an Epson inkjet printer’s regular user, you find that a cartridge will be rejected occasionally by the printer for no reason. It may be a new ink cartridge or one that had been accepted happily for many previous times. When any printer rejects the ink cartridge, you will generally get an error message is saying that the ‘ink cartridge cannot be recognized’ will appear on the screen when you give a print command and try to print any text documents.

Epson Inkjet Printer Refusing Printer Cartridges But before detecting the error, a few things you can also consider as the message is not just requesting for your permission to access the installed ink cartridge. This type of message will be commonly having a ‘Continue’ prompt along with the message. You can also confirm your doubts regarding the cartridge by contacting at the Epson printer customer service. If the message is clearly visible and saying that the ink cartridge is not compatible or not identified, please prefer the following steps:

  1. Extract the cartridge from your printer correctly
    At first you need to change the ink cartridge by lifting the lid or, you should try to press a specific button to access your carriage to the slide across. You can also follow up the online screen prompts to change the cartridge. All these things, you need to do softly, otherwise it may cause damage to your printer as well as harm your poor fingers also.
  2. Turn your printer off and hold for a minute
    By doing power down of your printer for some time, you can give a chance to clear the error. This step is also helpful to make sure your printer is communicating with your system and the issue with them has cleared.
  3. Turn your Epson printer back on and hold for it to settle down and caution of a missing ink cartridge.
    Nobody wants to be woken up instantly, and needs to be time to run the things smoothly and your printer is just like similar. Therefore, you should wait for some time to avoid the hassles and save your time and money on purchasing a new cartridge.
  4. Re-install the cartridge separately
    If the problem is still persisting with your printer or, if multiple ink cartridges have been refused at the same time, it is recommended to install them individually. You should also make sure that the cartridge is being identified by the printer before applying the same process for the next cartridge.

There are a number of different causes of Epson printer ink cartridges not being recognized, including from corrupted chips to the chip not being aligned correctly with the related contacts in the printer.

However, if you are unable to tackle and fix the error stating that the ‘ink cartridge cannot be recognized’, it is advisable to address your query with the expert directly by ringing on the Epson printer support number provided by the trusted online phone directory as the Contactforhelp.


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