Easy Steps to Connect Dell Printer to a Wireless Network

If you are looking for a feature-rich printer with superb print quality, then try Dell Printer. Dell Technologies is one of the largest Technology companies in the world. Its products are famous for performance, quality, and reliability. When it comes to printing devices, the Dell Printing devices are well-known for their performance. Its brilliant print quality, ease of use and affordability are the main factors which have helped it to rule the hearts of its millions of users across worldwide. These high-quality printers are less likely to suffer a sudden malfunction. Still, there is a possibility. In case, you encounter any issue with it then you can contact Dell Customer Support to fix  common printing problem in Dell Printer.

As Dell Printing devices are renowned for its ease of use, it is quite easy to install it and connect it to your PC via the wireless network. In case you find it tricky, then follow this procedure:

  1. To start with, install the Dell Printer Software in your system by using the software installation disc that comes along with the Dell printer.
  2. Now connect the printing device to your PC with the help of USB cable that is provided with your printer.
  3. Click on the ‘Start’ button of your windows and navigate to ‘Programs.’
  4. Click on ‘Program’ and search for ‘Dell Printers’ and select it.
  5. Now from the options appearing on the screen, choose ‘Dell Printer Home’ by clicking on it.
  6. Find the ‘Settings’ tab and select it.
  7. From the ‘Settings’ options, choose ‘Wireless Setup Utility.’
  8. Now from the list of available networks, select your wireless network and click on ‘Continue.’
  9. You will have to enter your correct Wi-Fi network access password.
  10. A pop-up dialogue box will appear, choose the relevant option and click ‘OK.’
  11. Now disconnect the USB cable from your printing device and check that whether it is connected to your PC or not.
  12. If connected, print a sample document.

In case, it is not connected to your PC then repeat the process from Step 3. Still, if you find it difficult to connect it, contact the experts at Dell. Just give a call to Dell Printer Support Number and resolve your issue instantly. The Dell Customer Support Services are available round the clock. You can seek expert’s assistance free of cost as the Customer Support Service of Dell is toll-free. One important thing is that you should use only the official and verified Customer Care Number of Dell to save your precious time and effort.


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