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How to Fix the Pogo Games Loading Problem

POGO is the well-known name among the gamers. Many people like to play the Pogo games that are available in different HD formats. As Pogo games are playing online, so it’s necessary to have updated the Java and flash player. If you’re running the outdated version of Java and Flash player, the Pogo games may not load or play correctly. At such time, you can call on the POGO customer service number for appropriate solutions. Here’re some tips you can also try to fix the Pogo games.

  1. Install the latestJava version. Always restart your web browser once you install the Java to enable downloading the new version.
  2. Enable auto updates for Java. The new Java Update feature will make sure that you’re receiving necessary updates.
  3. Make sure that Java is turned on in your web browser to confirm that applets are working appropriately. Occasionally, clear the Java cache.
  4. Verify the settings of your anti-virus software and firewall to make sure that they’re not blocking the Pogo website from loading correctly.
  5. Always, try to run the web browsers work on Java. To get more information about the Java necessary to play Pogo Games, visit the Pogo official website.

However, if the steps above didn’t work to resolve the Pogo problem and you’re still unable to play games online, it’s suggested you call at the POGO Games Support number to get further assistance and solutions.


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