5 Steps to Reset the Netgear Router Wi-Fi Password

A Netgear wireless router lets you share a high-speed Internet connection with multiple computers on a single network at your home or your business location. If you want to assure that your wireless connection is safe, make a secure password to prevent unauthorized outside users and connections. You can reset the password by signing into the router page via a web browser and changing the current security settings. The Netgear router password reset process may be varied, relying on the particular model. To change your Wi-Fi password, take a look at the below steps:-

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  1.  First of all, open up your web browser and input the ‘http: //www.routerlogin.net’ into the address bar. If you find any troubles while accessing routerlogin.net as the Router login page isn’t displayed or it’s blank, then you can ask the help of experts at the Netgear support center.
  2. If it’s displaying correctly, type your router user name and the password when prompted. Here, the default username is ‘admin.’ and the default password is ‘password.’
  3.  Click the ‘OK’ button. The Netgear home page appears. Click on the ‘Setup’ option on the left of the navigation pane, and then choose the ‘Wireless Settings’ option.
  4.  Select your encryption type under ‘Security’ Options. Type your username into the ‘Name’ field and then type the new password into the ‘Password’ field.
  5.   Click the ‘Apply’ button to save your changes.

Now, try to log into your router again with the updated password. If your device still disconnects from the Wi-Fi network, check your current wireless network again and input the new password to connect your device to the Internet. If you’re not able to change the wireless password or your router still uses the default admin settings, try to reset the username and password for additional protection.

Alternatively, you can also follow up other methods to change your network name or Wi-Fi password. You can change your Netgear router Wi-Fi password or SSID name by using the Smart Wizard. However, if you’re using the NETGEAR Android, iOS, or Desktop Genie apps, getting the help of skilled professionals at the Netgear router customer support number you can change the admin password on your router easily and efficiently.


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