Steps for Importing the Emails into Outlook Express

Well, we all know that Outlook is an E-mail service provider given by Microsoft that enables the users to send and receive the E-mail on their computer. Microsoft Outlook is available as a stand-alone version and also as a package. It is totally up to you which one you would prefer. For a person, who receives 300 to 500 emails in a day, Outlook Express is the best option. It not only helps in managing the emails, but it also includes tasks, calendars, and Notes. If you want to know more about the Outlook Express, you can contact Outlook customer service. As mentioned above, look at the steps below for managing the emails in a proper and better way:-

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To do this, we need to create three folders under your “Inbox” folder. The first folder will be named as “To do,” and second and third folders be named as the sub-folders for the “Follow up.”
Now, for creating these folders follow the below-mentioned steps:-

• For creating the folder, right click on the “Inbox” folder and select “New folder.”
• Name the new folder as “To Do.”
• Now, under the “To Do” folder, right click and select “New folder,” and name it as “Follow up.”

Now, for the incoming emails, you will have the different folders, and you can use them to manage the tasks, followed by clearing up the inbox. By doing this, the important emails will stay in the “Inbox.” And, emails which are not important will move to the “To do” folder. Also, the emails which you want to keep on hold can move to the “Follow up” folder. It will help you in keeping your inbox clean and in organizing your email in a better way.

If you are new to the Outlook email, you can import the emails from the other account. And, in case, you want to switch from Outlook to any other email account, you also have the option of exporting the emails.

For exporting the messages or emails from the outlook, follow the below-mentioned steps:-

• First, open the “File” menu, under the main menu. After you have opened the “File” menu, there is an option of “Export.”. Click on the “Export” option, and then click “Messages.”
• Once you click on “Messages,” it will ask you that whether you want to export messages from Outlook Express Mail or not.
• You need to click “Ok” on the on-screen message to confirm
• Now, either select “All” or “Selected Folder” to export. Choose the one that you want, and click “Ok.”
• By doing the above-mentioned steps, your emails will be exported from Outlook Express.

Now, that you know how to export the emails, it is also important to know “how to Import the emails into Outlook Express.” For your better understanding, you have a look at the steps below:-

• Open the Outlook express; now select the “File” option from the menu.
• Once you click on “File,” you will get the option of “import.” Click on that and move your mouse on messages.
• Now, click on the messages to open the import window.
• Under the import window, you need to select “Microsoft Outlook Express,” then click “Next.”
• As you will follow the above-mentioned steps, you will get the “Congratulations” message, and that’s it. You have successfully imported the emails into Outlook Express.

We have tried explaining all the steps properly for your help and hoped this blog helps you in the best way. Also, always remember, if you still have any doubt or you are facing any problem then you should take the help of the expert by dialing the Outlook support phone number. You can avail this number from the website – Contactforhelp. It is an online directory known for enlisting only 100% authentic and verified customer support and service numbers of all the USA and Canada-based companies.


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