How to Allow if MagicJack not Working on Mac with Firewall

When connecting your MagicJack device to the Mac, there is easy to make free local and International phone calls to any phone number over the web in the United States and Canada or to another same device anywhere worldwide. If you’re having a router or the gateway with the firewall on your Internet connection, you require enabling widespread plug and play so that the MagicJack can appeal ports from the router. If the router doesn’t aid UPnP, you should forward 5060 and 5070 ports for the UDP protocol to the IP address of your Mac. If it doesn’t already have at least one, make a fixed IP address for the Mac.

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Set Static IP Address

  1. Tweak the ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu, then choose the ‘Network’ settings window. Your current IP address is the ‘’
  2. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab and choose the ‘TCP/IP.’ Note the ‘Router’ address and then select ‘Cancel’ option to exit from the ‘Advanced’ setup.
  3. Add/ subtract 52 from the existing IP address, but keep the address last number between 2 to 253. For instance, if the present IP address is ‘,’ then subtract 52 from 100 and get 48, which is between 2 to 253. Provide a static address ‘’ to the Mac.
  4. Choose the ‘Edit Locations’ option from the section finder box. Type a new location name, such as ‘MagicJack’ and choose the ‘Done.’
  5. Select the ‘Manually’ option to set up IP address. Provide a Mac IP address, and then input the ‘’ for the subnet mask. Type the router address you recorded earlier. Provide your router’s address to the DNS Server for the second time. Keep the ‘Search Domains’ blank and select the ‘Apply’ button.

Enable UPnP

  1. Open the Safari browser and type your router’s address into the search bar. Type the user name and password and click the login button to access its settings.
  2. Choose the ‘Advanced Settings’ menu or the ‘Firewall’ or ‘Port Forwarding’ menu.
  3. Find the UPnP setting and all it if it’s not enabled. Continue to the next section unless you don’t discover the UPnP option. Alternatively, save your changes, and wait for the router to restart and test the MagicJack.

 Forward Ports

  1. Find the ‘Port Forwarding’ option, and try to forward two ports. Type the Mac IP address. Input ‘5060’ for the first port to forward in the array, and type it again in the last port to forward it. Choose the ‘UDP’ option for the protocol.
  2. Type the IP address for Mac again. Input ‘5070’ for both first and last ports to forward in the range. Choose the ‘UDP’ option for the protocol.
  3. Save your changes to apply settings and wait for the router to restart. Test your MagicJack from the Mac.

MagicJack Customer Service Phone Number

However, if the firewall security is still blocking your MagicJack device from working or making a call over the Internet and you’re unable to solve it, call at the MagicJack customer support phone number and seek the immediate resolution of that problem.


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