How to Install Windows 8 on Dell Computer?

Here are the verified steps to install Windows 8 on a Dell PC. These steps have been shared by the certified experts. Its original source goes to the official Dell support. This article is purely for the amateur users, who are facing difficulties while installing Windows 8 on their PC.

Insert the Windows 8 DVD into your optical drive and restart your PC.

Select from the choice that best fits your PC:

Choice 1: For PCs that don’t have UEFI BIOS, at the logo screen, tap the F12 key over and again until the Please Select Boot Device: menu shows up. Select CD/DVD/CD-RW Device and press Enter.

Alternative 2: For PCs that do have UEFI BIOS, At the Dell-logo screen, tap the F2 key over and over until the System Setup menu shows up. If you are confused, dial the Dell technical support number or follow the steps mentioned below:

How To Install window 8 on dell computer

Steps to Install Windows 8 on Dell Computer:

Step 1: Depending on the type of BIOS, you should discover the Boot segment utilizing the Up and Down bolt keys.

Step 2: The boot mode is set to UEFI

Step 3: The setting for Secure Boot is Disabled

Step 4: Boot gadgets request either CD/DVD/CDRW or Internal ODD Device is the primary thing in the rundown

Step 5: Save the progressions and way out System Setup to restart the PC.

Step 6: The Windows 8 Setup shows up.

Step 7: Select Language to introduce, Time configuration, and Keyboard or info and select Next.

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Step 8: Select Install Now.

Step 9: The Product Key screen shows up.

Step 10: Find your Product Key and type it on the available on-screen field, then click Next to proceed. The Product Key is a 25 character, separated by dashes.

Step 11: Acknowledge the permit terms listed in the License Terms screen. Click the checkbox at the bottom of the screen to acknowledge and click Accept to proceed.

Step 12: At the Which Type of Installation do you Want screen, select Custom: Install Windows just (progressed).

Step 13: At “Where would you like to Install Windows? Select Drive alternatives and keep in mind that the following progress will erase all current data on your PC. So, create a backup of all important data. Dial Dell laptop customer service number to get assistance to create a backup on your Dell computer. For best result, erase all segments that appear by highlighting them each one in turn and selecting Delete. After you have selected all data to delete, select New. Click Apply to make your new Windows 8 segments, then click Next.

Step 14: Windows will now be crisply introduced on your PC.

Step 15: Your PC will restart after a few times.

Step 16: When you have reinstalled Windows, you should follow the Windows setup.

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