How to Fix an Hewlett Packard Pavilion

How to Fix an Hewlett Packard Pavilion That Has No Power

The HP Pavilion series of computers manufactured by Hewlett-Packard incorporates various models of the laptops. HP Pavilions contain a battery charge using an AC adapter mainly made for the laptop. If you face any issue due to the adapter or the battery glitches, the HP Pavilion laptop may not charge correctly, the battery life may be reduced, or your laptop may not turn on at all. At this time, you can fix some of the problems yourself; though others require technical assistance that can easily be availed on the Hewlett Packard phone number.

Solution 1 – Restart your Pavilion laptop if likely. Click the ‘Windows Start’ button, and then the ‘Control Panel,’ followed by the ‘Power Options’ menu. Go to the settings on that page to check if the power management options are triggering the issues with your system. For instance, if your laptop’s screen is disabled when it should be turned on, you can change the time’s length. It directs you to the screen to put out the ‘Adapter,’ and then the ‘Battery Power. ’

Solution 2 – Click the ‘Change Advanced Power Settings’ link to find any problems with the power management settings as well, which is mainly intended to work with the particular configuration. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button if you alter the settings.

Solution 3 – Power your HP laptop off. Disconnect the power adapter from the electrical outlet and your laptop as well. See the connectivity of your adapter around the ‘Brick’ on the cable to make sure that both splits of the cable is firmly connected. Also, check the cable for any physical damages. If the cord is broken or damaged, change the complete adapter. You can also test the user’s manual of your laptop to make sure you’re using the right adapter for your printer.

Solution 4 – Rotate your laptop over, so that the lower is in front of you. Slide the battery lock to the position labeled as the ‘Unlocked’ and slide the battery release option. Ensure that there is no physical damage. Remove the battery and connect the adapter to your laptop. If you don’t face the power issue, the battery is most probably faulty and requires being changed.  The effectiveness of your battery reduces over time, thus if the total battery charge doesn’t work. If the full battery charger didn’t work, you should go to the tech support technician for instant solutions.

Solution 5 – If the problem still exists and you’re unable to use the different electrical outlet if you can’t figure out the issue with the adapter or battery issue. For further assistance and immediate solution, you can call on the Hewlett Packard technical support phone number for instant help and solutions.


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