Gmail Won’t Allow to Open & Read Emails

How to Fix If Gmail Won’t Allow to Open & Read Emails

Google’s Gmail is the most widely used email service worldwide. With global availability, a simpler interface and more than 10 GB emails and file storage, many business users use Gmail as the best alternative to the more high-rated private email services. In most of the circumstances, signing into Gmail and opening/viewing emails is simple enough if you have an active Internet connection. However, various things create problems when you try to open a Gmail account and read your emails.

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Fix 1- Unable to Open Gmail

The Gmail website has faced little downtime due to the Google server problems. When the Gmail site goes down, yet, you will typically find that users in your area can’t open the site. However, if other users can open and sign into the Gmail, the issue is possible with your computer or the connection. If the web browser program on your computer has problems opening the secure Gmail HTTPs version, you should use the less secure HTTP edition of Gmail to overcome the issues.

Fix 2 –Freezing While Loading Inbox

Sometimes, you may be able to sign into the Gmail account, but face problems in loading the mailbox. It is usually the cause of an unstable Internet connection. Resetting the modem or router may help to stable the connection and let you load inbox and more features of Gmail. If resetting the network doesn’t fix the mailbox issues or navigation pane contacts not showing, try to use the Gmail older version to fix display issues temporarily. Otherwise, you can use another web browser to fix issues causing the navigation pane and inbox not showing.

Fix 3 – Unable to Open Email Attachments

If you’re facing problems opening email attachments, you need to ensure that you’re using the Gmail-supported browser. Whereas Gmail email opens and shows emails in other web browsers, the attached files usually work in Mozilla Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, and Safari. If you’re using the Gmail-supported browser and still unable to open attachments, then turn off the antivirus program temporarily as they can cause attachment issues in Gmail at times. However, if nothing else helps, you should turn off plug-ins or add-ons you installed in the web browser one by one to find out which one is causing issues on the Gmail site.

Fix 4 – IMAP Problems

If you’re using both the desktop email program and the website interface to send/receive Gmail service, you should use the IMAP protocol to sync emails and folders. The IMAP protocol lets you compose, receive, remove or move emails on one platform and automatically upgrade them with the others. For example, if you write a new email and send it in MS Outlook, then deliver it via Gmail servers, it will display in the ‘Send’ folder of the Gmail webmail account as well. Similarly, if you perform any action as mentioned above on the online Gmail account, IMAP automatically upgrades emails and folders on the desktop client.

Fix 5 – Surpassing Storage Space

With more than 10 GB of storage space, you have the capability of sending/receiving, storing emails, relying on integrated attachments and graphics. If you have to exceed 20,000 emails in one folder, you may get the error 503 or 717 while opening emails in that folder. Removing some emails from the folder or transferring them to another one will fix that issue. However, if nothing else helps you fix the email problems, and you still can’t open and view messages in Gmail, it’s highly suggested to call experts on the Gmail customer service number to fix the difficulties as quickly as possible.


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