4 Easy Steps to Delete Gmail Search Results

Google’s Gmail is a free webmail client that comes with various features, including custom themes, video chat, and file sharing powered by Google Drive. Aside from that, it also includes some basic tools like contact lists, email filing system and a search function. After using the search feature of Gmail, removing the results allows you to start afresh using another search. If you’re unable to use Gmail to search something, it’s recommended to call the professionals via the Gmail customer care number to get prompt resolution.

Learn How to Delete the Search Results in Gmail Email Client

Gmail also saves the past searches in the Google Internet History, which you can pick up to remove the results. To clear the Gmail’s email search results, check this process:

Step 1 – Enter the search keywords into the search field at the top of the Gmail mailbox. For example, you can find emails that include particular words like ‘party’ or ‘insurance’ or you can navigate via email addresses or sender’s names. After entering your term or keyword, click on the magnifying glass button to find something related to it. This shows a list of emails involving the search terms.

Step 2 – On the Gmail sidebar, click any of the options, such as ‘Inbox,’ ‘Drafts’ ‘Sent Mail,’ or ‘Spam’ to access that section of your Gmail account. It immediately removes the search results, letting you keep running Gmail for another purpose or input a new search keyword in the search bar.

Step 3 – Place a check mark next to the email that results via the search, and then click the ‘Delete’ button, signified by the Trashcan icon, to remove that email. To remove all of the search results by the removal method, select the empty checkbox at the top of your Gmail account to choose all of the consequences, and then click the Delete button to remove them at the same time.

Step 4 – Go to the Google Web History to remove the search history, such as the past email results. You may be essential to reenter the username and the password. Click the gear icon and then choose the ‘Search History’ option. Click on the ‘Delete All’ link, followed by the ‘Delete All’ button to confirm the selection.

If all else fails, get Gmail support

If you somehow click the refresh button on your web browser, it will not clear the Gmail search results. If none of the aforementioned steps worked to find the emails from a particular sender or remove the search results in Gmail account, you must contact Gmail customer support experts to get the necessary support. Technical assistance backed by experts is the effectual remedy to get rid of all problems associated with the Gmail account.


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