Gateway- Common Issues and Ways to Fix Them

Gateway is a brand that manufactures and deals in computer hardware, be it personal computers, monitors, computer accessories or servers. It is one of the widely used brands across the globe. Machines can never be perfect for a long time as it is a well-known fact, and same goes with the computers and laptops. So, here are some of the major issue-fixing ways by providing gateway laptop support.

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  1. These gateway computers and laptops have susceptibility of overheating.
  2. Falling of video card.
  3. All of a sudden screen going black.

These are some of the major and most common issues that an individual faces with gateway laptops and computers.

overheating often occurs due to the breakdown of internal cooling fans, which can lead your computer to behave in a sluggish manner, and your computer can even crash after a stage. It’s very bad for internal components of the computer and even for the CPU. You can check under BIOS menu in order to know the temperature of your computer. If you find that the temperature is more than 50-55 Celsius, you need to open up your computer and clean the fans and internal components. And, if you still find your computer overheating, you can go for any local technician.

Video card failure happens mostly due to overheating of the system. So, one can directly go to the official website of gatewayand then follow the instruction under drivers and download, and can then download the video card for your model number.

First of all, you need to click on “ctrl” and “shift” key together and after that you need to press ESC key. This leads to the launch of the task manager, which means your computer is not yet frozen, it’s just that it was unable to load the user environment. After this step you need to click on “Process,” and follow the steps mentioned further on the website of gateway for respective model and reach to the bar where you need to type ‘explorer.exe’ and it will lead your computer to reload and your computer will work normally after that.

Also, if you are still facing any issue related to Gateway, make sure that you go for gateway tech support number, in order to resolve queries. One can even find contact the details of their support number on Contactforhelp, which is an online directory.


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