How To Fix Blinking Gateway Laptop Screen?

Gateway laptop LCD screen is sensitive to several things. Sometimes due to an internal error it may blink or create lines and blur display. The screen is highly sensitive to magnetic fields, speakers, smartphone, lights and other electronic items functioning near to it. In serious situations, take the help from Gateway laptop support. All the errors will be resolved instantly for resuming back to operating the system to run favorite programs.
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Steps to fix the blinking screen error in Gateway laptop:

Step 1: Turn-off the laptop and disconnect the external device, if any. Take out the battery and clean it gently with a cotton cloth. Now, turn on the laptop.

Step 2: Reset the resolution and refresh the screen. You can change the screen resolution by clicking Desktop/Screen Resolution/Change the appearance of the display. Select 60 Hertz from the list of options,that are listed below the graphic card dialogue box.

Step 3: Remove any operating device near the laptop. The electronic devices near to the system create radiation, which may result as flickering screen. If the blink effect stops, then place the item one by one and determine what’s causing the problem.

Step 4: Connect an external device to the laptop and see if still blinking continues or stops. If the error continues, then its a complicated situation, contact Gateway support number or get your screen replaced from the nearest hardware specialists.

Follow the further steps, if the problem continues even after the LCD replacement:

Step 1: Login to the admin account and reinstall the driver. Click Start, right-click Computer and choose properties from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Select Device Manager from the left side of the dialogue box.

Step 3: Now, double click the Driver option and uninstall it. The Device Manager reinstall the driver automatically when you restart the laptop.

Step 4: Install the driver from the official Gateway website, if the problem still exists.

In major cases, the blinking screen causes system failure or screen death. To avoid any damage, take the help from PC/Laptop experts. Find the direct Gateway customer care number in the Contactforhelp web directory. The live technicians are waiting to assist troubled users.


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