Navigate Your Facebook Account with Built-In Shortcut Keys!

Do you know Facebook has built-in keyboard shortcuts? If you are a regular user of this social networking platform, there are a number of shortcut keys you can access for navigating your social account using the keyboard. If you have any concerns using shortcut keys, address your query at the Facebook contact number to know the use of keyboard properly with Facebook.

facebook shortcuts

Remember that these keyboard shortcuts can vary by the web browser as if you a Firefox user try to use the Shift+Alt key combination. For the Internet Explorer, you need to press the Enter key after the shortcut keys to activate it. However, if you are using the Mac, it is suggested to use the Ctrl+Opt keys. The following guide describes the right use of the shortcut combination with Facebook.

Alt + M: New Message

This keyboard shortcut is not appropriate in Internet Explorer, but if you have Firefox or Google Chrome, it works properly, yet Firefox will use Shift+Alt+M in its place.

Alt +?: Search Box

It should work fine in IE and Chrome, but Firefox will use Shift+Alt+?–this is the really helpful shortcut to access the search box.

Alt + 1: Home Page

It will direct you to the home page in Chrome, but Firefox will use the Shift+Alt+1 and IE use the Alt+1 and then press Enter.

Alt + 2: For Profile

Using this, you can see the profile page. If you are having Firefox, use the Shift+Alt+2. For IE, use the Alt+2 and then Enter.

Alt + 3: Friend Requests

This shortcut is used to open the friend request page. For Firefox, it’s Shift+Alt+3. For IE, use the Alt+3 and then Enter.

Alt + 4: Messages

Using this, you can open the Messages dialog. If you are a Firefox user, use the Shift+Alt+4. For IE, its Alt+4 and then Enter.

Alt + 5: Notifications

This keys combination allows you to open the Notifications dialog. In the case of Firefox, it’s Shift+Alt+5. For IE, its Alt+5 and then Enter.

Additionally, you can also use a number of other keyboard shortcuts, including Alt+6 to 0 on the keyboard. Here you can open the privacy, help pages, settings, about, and terms. However, if you may experience any problems while using these shortcuts, contact Facebook support by phone number listed over the Contactforhelp. The certified professionals will try to provide the best use of keyboard shortcuts with Facebook.


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