Why Facebook Toolbar Does Not Stay Logged On

The Facebook Toolbar is mainly used to keep an eye on different message or status notifications while using this social site. If this toolbar doesn’t stay logged in, it may cause the loss of your valuable time in switching back and forth to various tabs in the web browser. If you are encountering the same problems with your social account, you should troubleshoot your browser and the toolbar to discover whether you have the web browser conflicts or whether security settings are stopping the toolbar from appearing. At such time, you can also try to find Facebook help via phone number and seek the immediate resolution.

Facebook Toolbar Does Not Stay Logged On

Facebook Toolbar Troubleshooting

If your Facebook toolbar keeps disappearing or fails to load, refresh it by clicking on the toolbar icon. If you get an error message while it fails to load on Facebook, then click on the particular icon and choose the ‘Logout’ button. If you are using the Firefox browser, check that toolbar is enabled and will show in the browser, as it’s possible to error in the hidden toolbar can be the reason of it’s being disappeared from Facebook.

Toolbar and Plugin Conflicts

Facebook Toolbars, known as add-ons, also are similar to extensions or plugins. These are the software pieces in the browser program that can get corrupted easily and cause other extensions or even the web browser to malfunction. If you have many plugins installed in the browser, then it may cause conflicts between two programs. Restart your browser with other disabled toolbars and plugins, and then check if the toolbar stays logged in. If it does, then one of other plug-ins is causing the issue.

Software Updates

Check to update plug-ins to the latest releases if available, because it may eradicate problems found in outdated versions. The toolbar might get corrupted and need to be updated. In the same way, it’s also necessary to upgrade the browser to the updated version. Once you update the add-ons and browser, verify logging back into the Facebook. If the toolbar doesn’t stay logged in, then scan for malware and troubleshoot security settings.

Scan for Malware

If you are not using the virus protection, then download and install the program on the system and run a full scan of the PC. If your Facebook toolbar frequently keeps disappearing, you may have the malware infection, which is redirecting you to other sites or procedures that you didn’t start.

Network Security Settings

If you are using a shared or office system, contact the network admin and manage a time to disable all network firewalls temporarily to retest the issue. If your Facebook account stays logged in, then your network security settings may be stopping the toolbar from appearing in due to the configuration of the antivirus program or firewall that rejects connection through a particular port or protocol. If the issue remains continued, then you can contact Facebook by phone number and get the issue to be resolved in time via professional assistance.

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