How to Change Yahoo Mail Security Setting to Secure Email Account

How to Change Yahoo Mail Security Setting to Secure Email Account?

Yahoo Mails are an essential part of today’s digital communicative world. In spite of the fact there are several platforms available as a source, still, Yahoo is considered the leading provider of free advanced designed email services around the world. To continually keep your Yahoo account more safely from the hackers or any unauthorized activities, you have to modify your Yahoo mail account security page by given advised briefly in this article.

Important Tips and Tactics to Secure your Yahoo Email Account:-

If you are the Yahoo e-mail user, then you must use the following methods in the following:

Yahoo Sign-in Seal Creation for Protecting Against Phishing

It is considered as one of the most recommended security settings in Yahoo mail. As you know that phishing is now commonly used for stealing passwords and other useful information. So, in such cases, Yahoo sign-in seal helps to keep your account safely against phishing. Usually, a phisher traps the users by creating the fake webpage of Yahoo mail which looks like an official one and then they start persuading people for disclosing their account details. To make sure that you have been logged in the actual site of Yahoo or not, you need to create a secret message by taking the support of Sign-in seal which will be stored in your computer.

You must know about how to secure Yahoo email account by creating the Sign-in seal; you need to visit the account info and then click on “create a sign-in seal” under the option “sign-in and security.” At next, you have to select either “create a text seal” or “upload an image.” If you wish it must be created this seal with text, then type anything which considers as the most difficult for guessing by anyone. After that, click on the button of “save this seal” which located on the side window.

Change your Yahoo Password

For changing your Yahoo mail password, you need to visit on Yahoo mail security settings by clicking on the “account info” and then click on the “change your password.” At next, you have to type your current password and after that enter your new password. You must remember that your new password should be at least eight characters long and also added a combination of the capital & small letters with numbers and special characters, e.g.

Apart from it, you can also update your password reset info. For changing this information, you need to click on “update password-reset info,” and after that, you must click on “change question and answers” & then type the two secret answers according to your selected questions.

Always Delete your Cookies and Cache of your Web Browser

If your computer has been sharing by the other person, then there is a possibility for accessing to your email by clicking the back button of your web browser, if you did not log out of your Yahoo email account. So, you are requested to delete cookies and caches always and try to not let your web browser remember your passwords.

If you think that you should deactivate your Yahoo account for the reasons of only get hacked by someone else or have any issues, then you must call on Yahoo customer care phone number. Your queries will be solved instantly if you avail the official number of Yahoo from Contactforyahoo; which is the reliable online directory.


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