How do I Change my Yahoo Mail Security Settings-

How do I Change my Yahoo Mail Security Settings?

Majority of the work in today’s world is done with the help of the emails. Exchanging emails have become extremely easy and important. There are many email service providers which offer us various benefits as well as different features. On the other hand, there are inevitable glitches related to Yahoo Mail too. Sometimes, we do need or want to change various settings related to Yahoo Mail. Many hackers keep on trying to hack our account and mess with our private data, and so it essential to keep it secured. You can simply visit the Yahoo Mail security settings and then try to resolve it. You can follow certain important tips related to Yahoo Mail and fix the issues related to security. Here, we have discussed certain points or tips to quick fix the problem. Once, you follow it, you would definitely keep your account private and secured, follow the steps!

Common tips and tricks to change my Yahoo Mail settings

1. Select a strong password

Your Yahoo Mail might contain important documents and emails that is private. You wouldn’t like to share your inbox with everyone. So, it is better to set a password that is strong, that is easy for you to remember and hard for everyone to guess. Even if you do set a strong password, it is essential to keep on changing it so that it gets difficult for others to get into your account. You can follow these steps to fix your problem:

  • At first, sign in to your Yahoo Account
  • At the top right corner, click on the profile picture
  • If you want to open your settings, choose account info
  • Then on the left sidebar, you must click on the Account security
  • After that, you are required to select the change password link
  • You must type your new password twice
  • Do not forget to remember the password you kept
  • You can also use a password manager to remember your password

2. Make sure you enable two-authentication password

  • After setting a strong password, the next major step is to enable the two-major verification method
  • As soon as you are done with the addition of password, you are supposed to enter an important code that is sent to your email or number
  • Move to the account info page
  • Select the account settings tab
  • Choose if you want a code, call or email
  • Slide and select two-step verification on
  • Once, you receive the code, enter it
  • Then, click on the verify button

3. Your recovery information should be updated

  • Visit the account information page
  • Then, to the account settings
  • Add any details like phone numbers or the email address
  • You must select add recovery or email/phone
  • You would receive a recovery link or code
  • At last, click on the disable security questions

These are some of the common ways to troubleshoot problems associated with Yahoo Mail. You can follow the steps and then try to resolve the entire issue. If you read this article you can simply find solutions to the concerned problem. Also, experts and engineers are present all the time to fix your problem. You can simply contact the Yahoo Customer Care number. Experts and engineers are also present to help and guide you.


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