How can I Recover my Hacked Yahoo Account- Tricks and Tips!

How can I Recover my Hacked Yahoo Account?

Yahoo is one of the most reliable and popular email service providers. It helps to disseminate ideas and communicate easily. There are many benefits it provides.  Alternatively, it is not so protected or immune from the multiple problems associated with it. Hacking Yahoo Account has become a common issue that demands an instant solution.

Yahoo account holds enormous emails, and it is essential to protect it from various hackers. The emails should be secured and confidential. Even if your Yahoo Account has been hacked you must try to recover it. Here in this short blog, we would like to discuss the various steps to fix out the recovery process of the Yahoo account. You can have a look at the steps to fix it. In case, you are unable to fix it, you can also contact Yahoo Mail Customer Service Number.

Steps to Recover Hacked Yahoo Account

  • At first, you are required to enter the address of Yahoo in the address bar
  • Open Yahoo
  • In the upper right side of the Yahoo page, click on the sign in option
  • Then, click on the ‘trouble signing in link’ problem
  • You are supposed to enter your phone number or the recovery mail
  • Click on the continue button
  • You are supposed to retrieve your Verification code
  • Next, you must enter your verification code
  • Click on the verify button
  • Then, you must select your account, if prompted
  • At last, you are required to change your password and then enter a new one

These are the steps you are required to follow if you want to recover Yahoo Account. You can fix the issue by following the various r=steps and ways. In case, you are unable to fix it, you must take the help of the experts and technicians. You can call them up and request them to fix your problems. On the other hand, if you are not too comfortable verbally, then you must contact the Yahoo phone number. With the help of the technicians, you can solve all the problems you have been facing.


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