Are You Unable to Send Your Yahoo Mails- Know How to Resolve the Issue!

Are You Unable to Send Your Yahoo Mails? Know How to Resolve the Issue!

Most of the communication in the office environment is done via Yahoo Mail and if there is an issue in sending or receiving the emails then there is quite a major impact on the work. Your Yahoo mail may stop functioning due to multiple reasons. Some of the issues can be resolved by you easily while for resolving the other issues; you need to contact the experts. One of the most common issues faced by the users is that their emails get stored in the outbox.

What to Do, If Yahoo Mail Gets Stored In Outbox?

At first, outbox holds all the sent emails till the time they are not sent, thus it is a temporary folder. In case there exist any issue while sending the mail then it gets stored in your outbox. The very initial step to resolve this issue is to delete the unsent message from the outbox and then resend the same mail again. If it lands up in the Outbox again then you should contact tech executives on Yahoo customer service number. Yahoo tech experts will resolve your issues in minutes only and you can resume your work in minutes only.

Know the Basic Issues Behind Yahoo Mail Not Sending

Before contacting Yahoo customer support experts, you should try to find out the root cause behind the issue. Sometimes you are not able to send the mail because of the basic issues which have nothing to do with technical expertise. Hence, it is advisable to check your mail for the below-listed issues –

  • Internet connection problem – One of the most common issues behind Yahoo mail not sending is the interruption in the network. Your internet connection might be lost or not working, as a result, you are not able to send the mail. Thus, at first, check your internet connection and then connect to the experts.
  • Size of attachment – If the size of your attachment increases over the specified limit then also you will not be able to send the mail. With Yahoo, you can send the maximum 25MB of files, so if you attach multiple images or documents in a single mail then you might exceed this limit. Hence, reduce the attachments in a single mail and then resend the mail.
  • The issue with the application – It might be the case that your Yahoo mail application has gone corrupt due to inappropriate files or other reasons. Thus, uninstall the Yahoo application and then again install it to fix this issue.

So, these were the basic issues due to which your mail might get stuck in the Outbox. However, if even after trying to resolve these basic solutions, you are unable to resolve the issue then it’s time to get the expert support.

Get the Assistance Of Tech Experts And Resolve The Issue In Minutes

You can easily contact Yahoo technical experts in just a minute.  The tech experts will answer your query instantly as well as you can also get answers to the other questions such as how to reset forgotten Yahoo Mail password, how to recover the hacked Yahoo Mail and a lot more. Hence, no matter what issue you are facing with Yahoo, these techies will resolve them in minutes only.



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