Yahoo mail not working on Android: How to fix it?

Yahoo mail not working on Android: How to fix it?

Yahoo mail is a robust application to send or receive emails on the go. Users can install the application on their Android phone for free from Play Store. The interface of the application is intuitive and saves lots of time in managing emails as per user requirements. The app is loaded with various features which allow users to send attachments with their emails with just one click. Addition to this, the app comes with multiple supported languages, users can change the language of the application by going to app setting and selecting a suitable language as per their requirement.

It is intermittent that Yahoo mail application faces a technical problem; as such all the bugs are removed, and the updates are released by Yahoo regularly. Android users can update their app from Play Store anytime if the update is available. However, from time to time Yahoo mail encounters few technical glitches due to virus attacks, malicious content and human error. Also, Yahoo offers various help topics to the users of Yahoo mail. Any user can visit the help page of Yahoo mail and find help topics related to multiple subjects, such as Step-By-Step Guide to Recover Yahoo Password, change account setting, etc.

If you are a user of Android device and recently encountered a problem with Yahoo mail on it, then this article will help you fix the problem by following some troubleshooting steps. There are several issues faced by yahoo mail, and all of them have different reasons and different solutions to fix. Some of the Issues Associated with Yahoo mail on Android Device, with their Fix are Mentioned Below:

Problem #1: Connection Problem

Connection issue is encountered by Yahoo mail when the application fails to connect to the internet correctly. Stable internet connection is required to send or receive emails within Yahoo mail app.

To fix the problem, make sure that your internet connection is stable and working correctly. You can check the internet connectivity on different devices by launching the web browser and visiting various websites on your Android device to assure internet is working fine.

Problem #2: Yahoo Mail App Crashes, Responding Slow

There are different reasons for the cause of this problem. If your Android device is running low on space, then this kind of issue is encountered. Also, if there are too many applications running in the background and you forgot to kill all the tasks, then this kind of problem occurs.

To fix the problem, make sure that you are using the latest version of Yahoo mail. You can check for the new updates in Play Store if an update is available then install it immediately. If that does not solve the problem, then try clearing the cache and app data of the application or just uninstall the application and reinstall into your Android device again to fix the issue. Also, if you have too many applications running in the background then close all of them and if you are running low on storage space then clear some space on your Android device.

Problem #3: All features are not Available on Android Device

If you are looking for features like view full email headers, send to contact list, block email addresses and create responses in Yahoo mail app on your Android device, then you won’t find those there. These are the features of Yahoo mail which are only accessible in the desktop browser version.

All these features can be accessed, once you have logged in into your account using a desktop web browser on your computer. Addition to this, these features cannot be obtained from the Android device anyhow, so without wasting anytime use a computer or laptop with stable internet connection.

Besides, if you are not able to resolve the issue which you have, then you should get assistance from Yahoo phone number. Yahoo customer support has well-trained professionals who can assist you very quickly and help you fix the issue. If you are not able to contact them, then you can talk to an expert and get the customer service number of them from site ‘contactforhelp.’ It is an online directory which holds authentic customer service number.


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